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Chapter- Eighteen

"Lucio." Viatle's voice echoed throughout the whole room and that made me to stop gawking at the man in front of me.

He was gorgeous! Jet black hair was gelled back, chiselled jaw; one of his dark eyebrows was raised up as he looked around the room. His eyes stopped at me and then moved to Vitale,"So, Vitale," he started. I shivered at his voice; his voice held something dangerous, "What is your answer?" He gave a glance at his watch that was around his left hand, "I do not have much time,"

He took a step closer to Vitale. I took a step back in fear, even though he didn't seem to notice me; it was something about the way he carried himself that seemed dangerous. The air around him screamed authority just like Vitale.

Vitale ignored his question, "I never knew Lucio, you would be this coward, taking me when I am defenceless, scared are we?" He questioned.

"Non mi sfidare!" Lucio growled.

"I am not challenging you; I'm merely stating the truth." Vitale retorted. His voice was composed compared to Lucio.

All throughout the the bickering between Lucio and Vitale, George stood near the door watching, with a blank face. His arms crossed over his chest. I pursed my lips as I observed him.

George was surely acting weird. He took Lucio's side, that was for sure but I refused to believe it. He would not betray Vitale, from what I had seen, George seemed very close to Vitale. But now..

I shook my head, okay, Chanel stop thinking.

"Be grateful that I didn't throw you in the basement." I turned my head and saw Lucio holding Vitale by his collar. Vitale was pressed against the wall of the room, he held up his hands, in mock defeat. His lips were curled up in a crooked smile, "Thank you so much for not throwing me in the basement." He mimicked Lucio's words, his voice showed fake sacredness.

I couldn't see Lucio's expression because his back was facing me but from the growl that came out of his mouth, I could tell he was outraged

Lucio was someone who couldn't control his feelings compared to Vitale who could easily cover up feelings.

"Angry, are we?" Vitale asked, raising his brow.

Vitale was mocking him. His posture, his expression; everything about the way he was acting showed that he was disrespecting him.

"Boss." George's voice made Lucio to turn around. "I'll handle them, I think Vladimir is waiting. You should go." George said, his expression neutral.

Lucio furrowed his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes at him, "You better." He looked at Vitale before leaning towards him and whispered something in his ear.

Vitale's while body tensed but he didn't say anything. When Lucio turned around, I saw his satisfied expression. He glanced at me and gave a wink, I stiffened on my place. His acknowledgement scared the living soul out of me. For some reason, he seems more dangerous than Vitale.

He seemed to notice my expression and his lips curled up forming a smirk. I pursed my lips and averted my gaze. I didn't know why but my heart was beating abnormally fast. I felt my ears heating up.

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