Is this the end?

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Jake's POV -

I tensed my shoulders defensively as I pushed back the living room door, instantly meeting eyes with Amil. His dark eyes held humour as they drifted down my body and up again.

"You look well" he broke the silence, sarcasm lining his voice.

"Why are you here?" I asked taking a step forward. I noticed the two men on either side of him walk forward, protecting Amil. I glanced at both of them scoffing -

"You think if I wanted to beat you, these two kids could stop me?" I growled quietly and Amil smirked, shaking his head slowly.

"No I don't... Take a seat boys," Amil commanded and they instantly sat down, their postures tense as they both glared at me.

"Why are you here?" I repeated my voice rising slightly. Amil stayed silent and circled the room, inspecting it. My eyes followed him everywhere he went and I noticed Tobias stand behind me, his presence now also in the room.

"Can a boss not come to see how his favourite worker is doing, hmm?" Amil said smoothly, running a finger along the furniture before inspecting it and wiping it against his jacket with a look of disgust on his face.

"You've never bothered before," I snapped back, narrowing my eyes at his behaviour.

What game is he playing?

"When will you be ready to work for me again?" Amil suddenly said, turning and facing me. I widened my eyes at him, shock written across my face. I felt Tobias nudge my back slightly, letting me know I needed to keep the plan a secret. I cleared my throat and masked over my surprise with an emotionless expression.

"A week," I replied bluntly, looking him straight in the eyes. Amil nodded slowly before he turned towards Tobias -

"Ah Tobias, how have you been doing?" He smirked and I physically felt Tobias stiffen behind me, his posture rigid.

"Fuck you," he spat out disgustedly at him. I turned my head slightly, giving Tobias a warning glare but he hardly noticed as his eyes burned through Amil's. The tension between these two was so sharp, the anger vibrating off both of them. Suddenly Amil tore his eyes off Tobias, humour filling them as he landed on something else he wanted.

"Pretty thing. Nice to see you again."

"You." Emily spat, her eyes slightly widening.

I snapped my head towards her standing in the doorway. She was staring at Amil, her eyes narrowed.

"Emily, what are you doing here? Get out" I instructed her firmly. She glanced between me and Amil, swallowing the lump in her throat.

"I wanted to make sure everything was okay, clearly it's not" she said quietly, glaring in Amil's direction. She was holding a knife behind her back and I widened my eyes, motioning at Tobias to get the knife. He needed a weapon in case a fight broke out. I masked my face over and cleared my throat.

"Baby, I'm fine" I said quietly, making my way over to her. She smiled tightly at me and I noticed her body shaking as she glanced at Amil. She was scared of him. I pulled her into my chest and placed a gentle kiss on her head to calm her nerves -

"Isn't that sweet?"

I froze and turned my head towards him, my jaw locked tightly. Amil had a sick smile plastered on his face as he watched Emily with me.

"So, is she the reason you messed up Jake?" Amil asked already knowing the answer. He studied Emily, his head tilted to the side.

"We meet again darling" he smirked towards her and I felt her visibly stiffen in my arms. I instantly stood in front of her, shielding her from Amil's view.

"Keep her out of this," I shot back threateningly and Amil's eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"Keep her out of what? A friendly conversation?" He asked playfully, his tone sarcastic and full of humour.

"Shouldn't she be thanking me? I saved her life after all... Without my help she never would have escaped Jones" he said, his eyebrows creased in false confusion at me and Tobias. I felt Tobias tense up beside me and he took a step towards us, protecting Emily further from Amil's glare.

"So she owes me" Amil said obviously, rolling his eyes at the glare I was shooting his way.

"She owes you nothing," I spat back at him, my fists clenching at my sides.

"I can work in a week, now get out Amil" I said firmly holding my head high. His head shot towards me at my tone of voice and his eyes darkened with anger.

"Don't speak to me like that" Amil responded, almost in a sickening sing song voice.

"We both know what happens if you get on the wrong side of me Jake" he added and I felt bile rise to the back of my throat as I knew exactly what he was talking about. I took a step forward, ready to show him exactly what would happen if he got on the wrong side of me. Tobias' hand shot out and he pulled me back, forcing me to calm down.

"I know what both of you are planning. You think I wouldn't find out? You stupid, stupid boys."

I felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach and goosebumps erupted over my skin as I realised he knew. An unfamiliar feeling set in my stomach - fear. Amil waved his hand at the two men sat on the couch and they immediately stood up. My eyes darted towards them and I watched them carefully, narrowing my eyes.

"Get the girl" Amil nodded taking a step back and my eyes widened as I now realised how he would take revenge, Emily. I heard a clatter as the knife she was holding fell to the ground.

I let out a threatening growl and lunged for the first guy, my fist flying backwards and smashing into his skull. He immediately fell to the floor, clutching his head before he stood back up, charging at me. I blocked his punch and dived underneath his next one before kicking him into his sides. Pain shot through my body but even though I was bruised and battered, I was still quicker and stronger than him.

I turned to see Tobias fighting the other one as Emily stood rooted to the spot in the corner, her eyes wide.

"Emily, run! Upstairs, now!" I yell at her and she nods. I don't get a chance to watch her leave as another punch is landed on the side of my jaw, making me see black spots in my vision. Another punch comes flying out and connects with my stomach, knocking the breath out of me. I wheeze and splutter, coughing as the pain became unbearable.

He took his chance and punched me again in the side of my head, causing it to spin. I groaned as he landed blow after blow, breaking me.

"Jake, get up!" Tobias screamed as he fought off the other one. I pulled myself to my feet using the couch and tried to scan the room for Emily. My vision was blurry, I could barely see.

I reached for my gun and pulled it out, pulling the trigger back. My head spun painfully and I struggled to make out the blurred shapes. I yelled out in frustration, knowing my aim wasn't accurate enough to fire.

I couldn't risk shooting Tobias or Emily.

Another kick landed on my head causing me to drop the gun instantly, hearing it crash to the ground. A sickening crunch sound echoed in my ears before my world completely blacked out.

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