Katniss~ Goodbye

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"Katniss you can't go!" Prim yells.

I hold her back. Kat would be mad at me if I let her run up there.

"It's gonna be okay" I whisper to Prim.

I pat down her braid trying to comfort her.

"(Y/N) we can't let her go up there!" Prim pulls again, I hold her there

A boy joined her on the stage.

Everyone clears out and heads their own directions.

I pull Prim up the steps to say out goodbyes. Mother must be around here somewhere. She's not the same as she was before. I can't really remember father that well. I'm the middle child. A year younger than Katniss.

The peacekeepers open the door from Prim and I. How polite. Katniss is holding in tears, I can tell.

Prim runs and wraps her arms around Katniss. I slowly step forward and join their hug. I'm not big on showing affection but this is different.

"You have to make it out of this." I sigh.

"I will."

Prim continues crying.

"I will win the games."

It seems like Katniss it talking more to herself than us. Prim slowly walks out of the room, Katniss pulls me back.

"You have to take care of Prim."

"I will."

"Promise me that you'll take care of yourself too."

"Times up!" A peacekeeper yells.

"I will."

"Promise me!"

A peacekeeper pulls me to the door.

"I promise!" I yell, the peacekeeper pulls me harder.

Katniss will win the games. But while she's gone I will take care of my family. Katniss has to win. No matter what happens.

Katniss has to win.

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