Chapter 20- Bimbo

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Melody's POV

I walk in through the door, still feeling a little hurt from Tyson's words. Suck it up, you'll get over it. You're a bad bitch, you can do it!

I sigh and slightly chuckle, self motivation is the key to success.

I hand my mom her pína coloada and starts walking up the stairs to my room, "Sweetie, I'm watching Pretty Little Liars, you can join if you want." she shouts to me as I reach the top of the stairs.

"I'm good, thanks mom, I think I'm just going to go to bed." I say.

"Okay, sweet dreams cupcake." she says.

I start thinking about Tyson when my mom says the word cupcake. He is the only person that has ever called me that.

What happens now? Do I keep fake dating and act like tonight never happened?

I pick up my phone and dial Jess's number. As soon as she picks up I groan into the phone, she chuckles and then starts groaning with me until I finally stop, "Jess." I whine.

"Mel." she says in the same voice I did. "What's up?" she asks a few seconds later.

"Tyson." I say as if it explains everything and then I flop down onto my bed. "The sexy bastard you call you're boyfriend?" Jess asks. I nod and then remember she can't see me, "The one and only."

"What about him?" she asks. I sigh, I guess I am going to have to tell her the truth sometime.

"He's not really my boyfriend." I confess.

"Ha, I called it! Jackson owes me fifty bucks!" she says victoriously. I groan, "Jess." I whine again.

"Okay, Okay. Tell me everything." she commands.        

I tell Jess everything, from when he kissed me in the in the hallway at school to making out in front of Dicklan to the bar.

"Wait, he said that?" Jess asks, incredulously. "Yup, he said, and I quote, 'You're just another fucking girl I'm talking to because I need to win a bet!'" I say in a deep voice, trying to imitate Tyson.

"Well that's a very dickish thing to do. You should've cut his balls off and fed it to Barney." Jess exclaims, Barney is Jess's pit bull, to say he is not a very friendly dog is a huge understatement.

I chuckle, "What should I do? Should I ignore him? I don't know anymore." I ask.

"Well, you obviously like him, maybe wait till Monday and see what happens. It's the holidays in a week and then you won't have to see him for that month of holiday because you won't have to go to school so you won't have to see him except for when you see his adoptive parents then the bet will be over when school starts again."

"I don't like him!" I deny immediately. "Mhmm." Jess muses, probably smirking, "That's why you guys made out four times, because you 'don't like him'"

I groan. "Just talk to him." Jess advises. "About what?" I sigh. "I don't know, talk about cheese. Just talk to him!" she scolds.

I start groaning for a while and Jess joins in with me, after a few minutes of groaning I smile, "See you on Monday." I state. "Bye." she chirps then we hang up.

My brother walks into my room and drops down into my bed, face down. He groans, "Hey Ody." he mumbles with his face against my pillow.

I put my legs across his body, using him as a foot rest. "What's up?" I ask.

Every week Jonathan comes to my room and we just lie and talk about random stuff like dumb girls and T.V shows. He is actually a really cool brother, I wouldn't replace him for the world even if he irritates the shit out of me sometimes.

"I asked this stupid bimbo out and I totally regret it because she's one of the sluts at my school and she kept trying to get into my pants." he complains.

"And that's bad because..." At Jonathan's school he is really popular and he has girls lining up for him, obviously he uses them and then gets rid of them. The amount of girls that leave this house crying is scary.

"She probably has an STD!" he whines, "and she won't leave me alone because of the rumors she heard about how good-" I block my ears, "La la la la." I sing, not wanting to hear the rest of his sentence.

"Okay! I'm sorry!" he shouts over my singing and I remove my fingers. "What do I do?" he whines sounding like I did on the phone with Jess a few minutes ago.

"Tell her you have an STD?" I suggest. "No way! Then no girl would come close to me, not gonna happen." he shakes his head.

"Umm, then just... Use a condom? I don't know. Or tell her you're not interested." I suggest. Jonathan nods, "Hmm, yeah, I think I'm just going to reject her." he says with a shrug.

He gets up from my bed, "Thanks Ody, see you next week." he says with a chuckle. "See you tomorrow... At dinner..." I say and roll my eyes.

He shuts my door and I fall back on my bed with a sigh.

Should I call Tyson?

He was such an ass though.

But what if he needs someone to talk to?


I pick up my phone and dial Tyson's number, it rings a couple of times before he answers, "Hello?" he says.

I sigh, what if he doesn't talk to me? What if he ends the call? I don't know what to say! What do I talk about? He obviously doesn't want to talk about his feelings. Should I ask anyway? I decide to say the first thing that comes to mind. I frown, but what if I shouldn't say it? Ughh, screw it.

"Do you like... Cheese?"


I LIKE CHEESE! I hope you enjoyed this chapter ;) see you soon xxx

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