The Morning After

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Jake's POV-

The cold morning air greeted me and birds chirped their morning song outside my window. I stirred inside my bed, slowly opening my eyes and turning. My body hit something warm behind me and I froze, only turning my head to see who it was.


The events of last night came flooding back to me and I groan quietly, running a hand over my face. Did we?. . .

I lifted the covers and discovered we were both in fact naked. I bit my lip, feeling an uneasy feeling settle in my stomach and I turned to study her sleeping. Her long soft hair was sprawled over my pillow and her eyes were fluttered shut, completed by long dark lashes. Her plump lips were slightly parted and her chest rose heavily up and down as she slept peacefully.

I didn't even remember how she ended up in my bed. . .

My painkillers were strong stuff. Considering it was halfway through the night and I was off my head on medicine didn't exactly help my state of mind. I didn't know what I was doing but was that just an excuse I was using to excuse my actions?

I slowly slid out of bed, careful not to make any sound. My body instantly flared up with pain and I bit the inside of my cheek to stop myself from groaning out loud.

Did Emily know what she was doing? Did she want us back together?

I had never asked so much questions in my entire lifetime when it came to girls.

No strings attached my text had read.

Maybe she was following my suggestion from early on and this meant nothing to her. Maybe she would wake silently and leave me once again. I grit my teeth harder at the thought of her walking away for the second time. Surely she would speak to me, explain how she was feeling.

"God, I sound like such a girl," I muttered to myself, limping my way to the bathroom.

"Are you talking to yourself again Jake?"

I turned around and see Tobias leaning against his bedroom door frame smirking at me, his hair falling over his eyes.

"Shut up," I mutter, running a hand over my own face and leaning back against the wall.

"Dude, you could at least throw some boxers on." Tobias grimaces and I look down before choking back a laugh.

"Sorry I forgot," I chuckle quietly and he frowns, his eyes widening a little.

"Do you have someone in your room?" Tobias asked quietly, his voice completely changing into a serious firm tone. I clear my throat and stand up straight, avoiding his gaze. How the hell was I supposed to explain a naked Emily who's fast asleep in my bed right now?

I couldn't even explain it to myself.

"No," I lie, scratching the back of my head.

"You're lying," Tobias said, his jaw clenching tightly. He walks up to me, studying my eyes carefully.

"What have you done Jake?" Tobias questions, his eyes searching mine. I take a step back, running a hand over my face and inhaling deeply.

"I swear to God, I don't even remember her getting into my bed." I mutter, the events of last night becoming so blurry in my mind.

"Who?" Tobias asked firmly, the impatience in his voice crystal clear.

"Who do you think?" I frown, my voice rising at his suggestive words.

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