Chapter 36:

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Harvey's POV
   It's been two months since that incident. Luckily no one suspects a thing which is great because my dear Carol has enough on her plate already.
    We were rehearsing for the day when it was time for a break. I went out to get a newspaper. I walked back to my dressing room to sit, relax and read it .

         "Carol and Harvey Spotted On The Town. Are They An Item?"

Good  God. I looked at the article in disbelief. "I gotta hide this from her," I said aloud, and rushed out the hall.  I was rushing out when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room. "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!" Then I realized it was Vicki. "Vicki!" We both smiled at each other. "What're you doing back here? Last I heard you're out."

"Yeah, yeah, Carol doesn't know I'm here but I'm about to fight for my job back. And I brought my lawyer."

"She may be big, but she's bold boy. Good!"

"Yeah, but have you seen this article on the two-"

"Yes Vicki I have," I cut her off quite irritated.

"I'm surprised Carol's not having a panic attack right this minute."

"Well I haven't seen her yet." Okay I was being a bit snooty. Then all of a sudden..

"Hey guys," Carol walked by. Then she stopped and turned around in sudden realization. "VICKI?!" She ran to give her a big hug. "What're you doing here??!" Then she lowered her voice. "Does Joe know you're here?"

"No, but with the best of my ability I'm going to get my job back."

"That's great..but how?" Carol asked.

"I read a few things and I have my lawyer."

Carol's POV


The last thing I need is lawyers. I do not want any legal trouble. But it isn't my fault in the first place..but I still have a reputation. And I'm also getting fan letters asking where Vicki went.

"Well, good luck with that," I smiled and patted her back. "So what's going on you two?"

There was a slight hesitation. Then they smiled and said "Nothing."

"Well, I think I'm going to get cracking, see you later Carol."

"Bye, Vic," I waved and turned around frowning at Harvey.

"What's that face for?"

"Is something going on between you two? You both acted odd just now."

"No, no, I swear nothing is going on between us." He brought us closer together. I want to believe him. I know I can, but that thought that the two of them slept together crossed my mind, and I completely spaced out. "Carol?"

I was back in reality. "Don't you trust me?" He looked deep into my eyes with his blue orbs. How can I say no to that. "I do," "Good," he interrupted and hugged me.


"But? But what?"

"You slept with her.." I looked down at my feet.

"I know but that was a long time ago and it didn't mean anything you know that."

"Yeah," my voice somewhat broke trying to prevent tears. I then started to walk backwards away from him. "I'm just gonna check up on some things I'll be back."

"Are you sure?" he looked very sincerely as if he just lost something precious to him.

"Yes." I whispered. I turned around and left him standing in the middle of the hall. I walked along passing by the main writing room when I heard stomps walking out of it. "CAROL WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!"

"Of What?! " Suddenly Joe got aggressive and pulled me in the room and slammed the door. "THIS!" He suddenly slammed the newspaper on the table. Well..I knew I was getting it now.

"Joe! You know that's not true."

"Oh! Please, the way you two are together..It has to be. Wouldn't be surprised if you're fucking him-"




Then all I felt was a slap..and all was lost.

What I was planning to do was finish up the next few chapters so you'll have more to read but I can't keep this from you guys. Everything's been so hectic and stressful I've barely had time to do anything *cries* hopefully it'll let up soon but I've been working on chapters the past week so hopefully I'll have them up shortly(: thanks for bearing with me!

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