( chapter two. )

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  ANDREA'S SMILE WAS bright as she walked the streets of Washington, DC with Steve by her side. Her gaze wandered anywhere and everywhere, basking in the beauty of the city as night approached. It filled Andrea with a certain kind of content. She loved living here. It was the only place she knew, the only place she called home.

  As the Jones girl's gaze wandered the streets, a vintage store caught her eye, instantly eliciting a grin from the female. She grabbed onto Steve's hand, pulling him along in the direction of the store. Her amusement and happiness made Steve smile, it was refreshing to have so much exuberance in his life. It reminded him of a long-forgotten childhood.

  Almost as soon as they entered, Andrea quickly began to gawk. Everything in the shop held some form of age and beauty and it made the Jones girl fall in love. She adored everything vintage, for some reason it gave her nostalgia. She ran her hands gently over the fabric of an old dress before her eyes landed on a locket. She stared at it curiously before picking it up gently and heading over to the cashier.

  "Excuse me, how much is this?" Andy questioned the boy, whose cheeks flared when he realized she was speaking to him. The sight made the brunette grin as he rang up the cost in a flustered mannerism. "34.99." He replied meekly, to which Andrea handed him a fifty. She didn't question the high price, it was a beautiful item and she had more than enough for it.

  The cashier gave her back her change and Andy turned on her heel, happily clasping the locket around her neck. She then hooked her arm with Steve's, the pair walking out the door side by side. He didn't question the female's sudden on-sight spending, it was just the way Andrea was. Money had never been a problem for her and she was mostly reasonable anyways. If she wanted to indulge on herself sometimes, it was her choice.

  "So, where to next Captain?" The female questioned with a smile, to which Steve looked around for a suitable restaurant. Once he found one, he began leading Andy towards it, eliciting a laugh from the brunette "Really Steven, Shawarma?" She asked as she glanced up at the sign, not really minding it one bit. It was a familiar restaurant, considering Tony had always pestered them about going there.

  Once they'd walked in, Andrea was almost instantly captivated by the scent. It smelled amazing. They chose a seat by the window, Andy having quickly found an order on the menu that she wanted. It took Steve a little longer, considering he wasn't used to so many if the current foods. Finally he settled on just a wrap, which he claimed was the easiest choice to go with.

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