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[A/N: So I've recently became obsessed with the sexy bastard known as Judal. And since there's not many Magi x Reader fics, why not write one that takes place in the modern world? Yeah, because high school is a bitch. I mean, I'm not procrastinating on my other stories or anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Anyways, hope you enjoy!]

[One more thing : Please note that I've changed the ages a bit around. Judal and co. (Kouha, Hakuryuu, Alibaba, and Kougyoku are all around 17 and are Third years. Our lovely [Name] is 17 and a Third Year. Morgiana is 15, Aladdin is 14, and they are both Second Years. Sinbad and co. are around college age. Yeah, if there's anyone I missed, let me know. Ah, I hate long author's note so Imma shut up bye!]


[Name] tugged at the fabric of her outfit. The black and red plaid skirt didn't do any justice of not showing off her legs. It was long enough to cover her behind, but not long enough to reach the top oh her knees.

She was never comfortable showing off much skin, and tried to cover up as much as she could. Ever since puberty hit her like a truck back in eighth grade, boys didn't fail to notice her developing figure. She dressed as modestly as she could, even if it meant being 'out of style'.

But her sister insisted she wear it on the first day back at school as a Third Year. Karimah, a Second Year in college, had dragged the poor [Name] to an endless amount of stores the day before. After she had disposed of everything in her wardrobe.

"Now's a time to reinvent yourself, " Karimah said as she drove to the High School, [Name] looking out the window while constantly tugging at the short skirt. "Boys aren't gonna look your way if you never leave your cocoon, butterfly."

Her cheeks turned pink at the statement. "W-what if I don't want boys to look at me? I'm not into that kind of stuff like you are, nee-san."

"Ah, so your into girls?"

[Name]'s cheeks reddened. "W-what? O-of course not, I-I just-"

Karimah laughed as she turned the street that led to the school. "I'm just playing with ya, [Name]. You see back in my day, I had all the boys chasing after me. I can't even remember most of their names!"

"I can recall one...or two..." She mumbled as her sister pulled up in the front of the school building.

"I'm just saying [Name], make some friends! Don't let that pretty face go to waste!" [Name] didn't want to spend another moment of hearing her sister's gushing, she could go on and on and never realize she was basically talking to herself. As soon the car came to a stop, [Name] nearly tripped as she scrambled to get out the car. She gave a half-hearted goodbye as she gathered her books and swung her bag over her shoulder.

She walked up the steps to enormous building of Alma Toran High. Nothing has changed much since the last few months. Maybe the paint was different?

'This building just gets bigger and bigger' [Name] thought to herself as she entered the building. She reached into her bag and pulled out a folded sheet of paper.

'Locker A025' She walked down the hallway, which was full of students bustling about, laughing and catching up after summer break.

Her [e/c] eyes skimmed passed the numbers on the blue lockers, hoping to find it before the first bell rung.

'A007, A0013, A0017...Aha! A025....' She reached the locker before entering the combination. She placed her books inside, save for her World History book since that was her first class. The high-pitched sound of the bell echoed loudly throughout the halls, sending waves of students rushing to find their first classes of the day.

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