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"Vega, Polaris, Sirius, Betelgeuse...."
Semaj lay on the blanket in his backyard gazing up at the stars. He stuffed a handful of Doritos in his mouth as he continued to enjoy the peaceful night. His parents weren't home and the night was warm so he was glad not to have anyone disturb him. It was the rare times like this that he took time to think and ponder the big questions in life.

'I wonder if there's anything out there' he thought idly. 'Are we truly all alone in the universe? Is there life beyond the stars?'

Semaj took a sip of his lemonade and looked at the many constellations in the sky. As he searched the atmosphere, something caught his eye. It seemed to be a star at first, but it was red, and it was coming closer.

Semaj sat up. "What's that?"

Suddenly there was a bright light surrounding Semaj. Semaj shielded his eyes. When he looked up again he saw some sort of craft hovering far above him. In moments, he felt himself being lifted off the ground. Semaj only had a second to scream before he was sucked at high speed towards the craft.



Semaj slowly sat up. He had a killer headache. He opened his eyes ,but had to quickly shield his face; the light hurt his eyes and served to make his headache worse. When he felt he was ready, he opened his eyes and looked around. He was in the backyard.

'Strange, I must've fallen asleep,' he thought.

He got up and began to fold the blanket. With the leftover chips, lemonade, and blanket in hand, he began to walk inside, however, he couldn't help but feeling like something was off. He looked around the backyard until his eyes fell on a strange flower. Semaj crouched down to examine it. It looked like a lilly, but was neon blue and pink. It also seemed to sparkle and glow ethereally. He didn't remember any flowers like that growing in his backyard. The flower itself seemed to come from a different world.

Semaj gasped as the memory of last night came back. He remembered being taken into the space ship. He remembered being strapped down to the cold table with a bright light hanging above him. He shivered as he remembered the tentacled monstrosity that came to greet him.

From the torso up it seemed like a human female, but had silver skin and large black eyes. It's "hair" looked like red fins on its head. Below the torso, instead of legs, it had tentacles that moved it around the room before it brought its attention to him.  As he stared into its black eyes, he wanted to scream, but his voice was caught in his throat. The alien opened her mouth and uttered a few words in its native tongue. Semaj didn't understand what it was saying ,but when the alien began to lean over him he struggled against his binds futilely.

Semaj tried to remember what happened next ,but nothing came to mind. He set down his stuff and gave himself a quick examination. He didn't find any suspicious marks on his body and he felt fine.

'Was that a dream? But it felt so real..... Either way, nobody would believe me if I told them,' thought Semaj.

He hurriedly picked up his stuff and ran inside his house.


"Semaj, what are you eating?"

Semaj looked up at his mother with a piece of meat hanging out of his mouth. "Um....."

Semaj glanced at the bowl full of raw beef covered in chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and potato chips. "Food," he replied.

Semaj's mother yanked the bowl out of his hands, crinkling her nose as she caught a whiff of the concoction. "Semaj, what has been with you lately?! You've been eating the strangest things lately!"

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