Chapter 2: Flowey...

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---Flowey P.O.V---

She will be dead in a minute or two. So I go on like with all the other humans say my thing. And hopefully this time that goat won't disturb me. I say "Howdy!" "I'm FLOWEY." "FLOWEY the FLOWER." She looks not as frightened as before... "Hmm..." "Your new to the UNDERGROUND, aren't tcha?" "Golly, you must be so confused" "Someone ought to teach you how things work around here!" She looks confused "Guess little ol me will have to do!" "Ready?" "Here we go!" {they enter a battle}

---Frisk P.O.V---

Hmmm I'm in a battle right now with a little flower.. He seems nice! He was gonna teach me how things work around here. And by seeing him I'm sure this place is friendly. Flowey says "See that heart? that's your SOUL, the very culmination of your being!" he says "Your SOUL is weak but, can grow strong if you gain alot of LV" I ask "what does that stand for?" Flowey says "What's LV stand for? Why LOVE course!" "You want some LOVE don't you?" I nod "Well don't worry! I'll share some with you" he winks "Down here LOVE is shared though... little white "friendliness pellets"" Seemed a little sketchy, but I went with it "Are you ready?" "Move around get as many as you can!"

---3rd person P.O.V---

*frisk's soul touches the "friendliness pellets"*


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