Chapter 32

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Madison's POV
I stared out the window as we drove past trees and thought about what happened. I would occasionally see Cameron glance at me through the corner of my eye, but would act like there was no acknowledgment put into it. At one point he wouldn't stop staring and eventually turned around and sighed. Everyone was quietly giving us scrutiny but once again, I pretended to be oblivious to my surroundings. I was too preoccupied with being annoyed at how Cameron was acting to even put any thought to who was sitting beside me.

"I missed you so much, babe", a voice came from beside me and I turned around as the person hugged me. My eyes went wide and Jack's face turned pure red as I wiggled out of his grip.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?!" Jack yelled at the same time as me as Hunter smirked.

"Don't touch me again Hunter or I swear I'll screw up your life to the point it will match that disoriented brain of yours", I flatly said and smiled to myself when that stupid smirk of his wiped off fast.

I faced front and caught everyone's eyes. Everyone quickly looked away except for Jacob, who's mouth was hanging.

"Do you want to test me too?Try me or turn around because if looks could kill, I'd be in jail for the murder of you by now", I warned him and Cameron turned around.

"Madison Cara Dallas! You better stop before you get in big trouble", he sternly scowled at me.

"Why should I stop here? You didn't seem to even consider stopping when you said words to me that you couldn't take back a couple days after you adopted me", I continued to ramble, but regretted it once I saw his face drop and tears fill his eyes.

"Taylor, stop the car here, I'll walk the rest", his voice cracked at the end. I sat there staring at his empty spot in the car as Hunter turned to me.

"Congrats Mads", he said while slowly clapping. I slowly turned to face him again and finally unleashed a little of what I was thinking .

"Congrats Hunter, your internet famous for making short videos full of hand motions and your fans are all 5th graders" I stated and put my hands to my cheeks while pretending to be shocked. "On top of that, rice gum took the time to make not one, but two whole videos about how much of a shit head you are!" I slowly clapped in his face. "Your so called 'girlfriend' live streams in garbage back and where's a lot of makeup, AND she's friends with your enemy! "And where is she now?" I asked with a thoughtful face. "Want to test me again with your pointless words? Don't worry, I've been saving up on the things I want to say to you and I haven't started saying any of them yet", I asked before getting out the door and walking away from the car when I noticed we pulled up to the hotel.

"Madison, the hotels this way!" Jack called after me as I walked past it. I quickly turned and ran into the café closest to me before pulling out my phone to see if I had any texts from anyone. I sat down at the table and looked around until the doorbell rung and I heard heavy panting. I slouched in my seat and hid my face when I noticed it was Jack as he searched frantically around. He eventually left and I ignored the noise of the next person who walked in.

-Did you get back to the hotel yet?

I texted Cameron and waited for a reply. I put my phone down on the table and saw it was dark outside already. My phone started vibrating so I picked it up and saw he replied.

-Why should I go where I'm not wanted?

I sighed at how selfish I was being towards him. I'm always the one who is mad or sad and now, here I am complaining about his mood towards me today. I sat up and a shakey sigh came out of me as a tear came down my face. Great, here I go again on the same cycle that if been on for the past few days: cry, mope, emotionless, repeat. I stood up and walked out the café when I saw it was 9:00pm.

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