What The Hell

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My story. My very, very weird story.


“OH my God!" Completely scaring the two. This can't be happening. I was just walking towards my class when I heard a muffled moan in the hallways.

Ever heard of the saying curiosity killed the cat?

Well I guess I died.

I was just staring wide eyes at the two. I couldn't move, speak, or twitch. All I did was stand there. Looking at them both. What the hell is this?

“Guys?" I asked.

They looked they've seen a ghost. They're faces completely drained of color.

What are you DOING?" I asked.

“Nothing," they both said.

“Sure didn't seem like something. You guys were basically sucking eachothers face out."

They both looked emmbarrased. Hah. I'll sure be teasing them a lot from now on.

“Care to explain?" Well seems like I missed half my classes anyway.

“No." One said.

“And Why not? Seems like it there's a lot to say." Carefully taking the seen that was infont of me.

“Well ummm... you see." The other  said.

“Yes?" I prompted. I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned against the lockers. Daring them argue with me.

“Ugggghhhh fine. Were mates. There I said it." The first said.

Both looked scared of my reaction. Well it doesn't bother me if they were mates. Although that kinda explains how they acted towards each other when we hanged out. At the end of the day I'm ok with it. Opposites attract though and I know That's true.

Considering of the ass of a Mate I have.

“There's one thing that bothers me though. How come you guys never told me? " I actually felt hurt. They didn't tell me before I found out for myself.

“Well we didn't know how you'll take it." the second said. “I guess we thought you'll avoid us." So they thought I was gonna judge them? They know that I would never judge a person. Especially these two.

“Oh my god!! YOU TWO ARE MATES!!!" Saying from the top of my lungs. They covered my mouth before I can say more. I mumble from under there mouths sorry. But it only sound like sh-woory.

“Yeah now please shutup." The first said. looking around checking if anyone heard us.

When my mouth was free I began asking questions. “When did you to find out? Did you tell anyone but me?"

“Yesterday, No." Said the second.

“But guys this is huge." I said, Pouting.

“No." they said together, “Not yet."

“Fine." Standing up properly I looped both of my arms in theirs.

The bell rang and we three had English with Mr. Novc. I swear that guy can keep talking till the 30century if possible.

Turning to them, “Crystal, Kristen Welcome to English." I said with a fake English accent. All they did was laugh at me. We opened the door and stepped inside.

Stupid thing was I completely forgot Alpha had this class with me.


I was not really paying attention. English was the worst of my schedule. Though I love the subject, it's a pain to pass it.

I was writing down the notes from the board and when I had the feeling someone was staring at me. Not just someone but No other than Mr. Alpha himself.

Huh. I wonder why he's looking at me. I thought I could make him blind.

I looked up and correct I was.

Game time.

I looked at him And my breath for caught in my throat. To say he was gorgeous is understatement.

I bit my bottom lip to stop the thoughts that were forming in my innocent mind.

He glanced down towards my lips, I had to bite down harder to hide the huge smile I wanted to show. Once his eyes landed on mine once more I licked my lips slowly and winked at him.

The growl that came out of him make everyone look at him. Snickering under my breath I went back to take notes.

School finished shortly and I was glad for it. The day Was the same, flirting guys trying to ask you out and you trying to have an uperhand.

Once I Got home I went straight to take a warm the shower. My parents weren't home I guess. Once I finished I put on a pair of shorts and a short tank top. I was Mega hungry so I went to the kitchen to make a sandwich.

Singing a tune inside my head and suddenly the phone rang. I stopped spreading Mayonnaise and picked you the phone.

“Hello?" I answered.

“Hi sweetie it's mom. Me and your father have some things intake care off so we won't be home tonight."

The thought of what that might be doing flooded my poor innocent mind. Ewwww. My parents getting down and funky. OH God I need to stop.

“Ok mom." She said a few things before hanging up. Guess that leaves me with Mark.

My family Are the usual 4. My father and mother are mates. I could tell just when they're staring at each other. It's romantic but to my little brother not so much.

He looks more like dad. Brown tousled hair, small pair of green eyes, and cute dimples. The little booger is cute alright but he's 5years of pure evil.

I look mostly like my mother. She is beautiful compared to me. Standing at about 5'8, Lean, Light Gray eyes, Golden hair, Pink soft lips. You would've thought She was on a cover of a magazine

Now my father is one intimidating creature. I love him But sometimes he's an ass. Like I said Mark is a complete spitting image of father. Though dad is more manlier. I love my family; when they don't annoy me perhaps.

I went to ear my sandwich and when I was done I took the plate back to the kitchen and whashed it.

Going to my bedroom and flopping down in my pillows I thought. My two bestfriends are mates and My mate is the Alpha of the pack who basically doesn't want me.

How can things get any better.

Little did I know things got way better.


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