Chapter 1: The Fallen Human

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---frisk's P.O.V---

I was on my way to a mountain called Mt. Ebott, I've heard many stories of it. Legends like there was monsters living in the mountain. I didn't know what to believe, but when I made it to the top there was a huge hole in the center. Me being curious, went close and looked into it, but when I walked over. My foot got stuck in a root *facepalm*. And at the time, I didn't notice. But as soon as I stepped another step I tripped and fell in. Me thinking "this is it, this is the end of me." When I hit the ground I passed out. Then that's where my journey began.

---3rd person P.O.V---

Frisk fell into the center of Mt. Ebott. She was passed out on the ground when suddenly she woke up. Frisk thought that she died, the fall was certainly enough to kill someone. Bruised and sore Frisk got up and walked around. She went into the next room. There was a little yellow flower there. At first she thought it was a normal flower standing out among the rest. As soon as she took another step forward, the flower turned around. It had a friendly face, and grin.

---Flowey P.O.V---

I heard someone fall down from the mountain. I thought "this is it, it might be my chance to get a human soul." I waited for them to come into the next room by facing the opposite direction so they thought I was a normal flower. And as soon as I heard there steps behind me I turned around. She looked stunned to see a alive flower. But it wouldn't matter anyways, she would be dead in a minute or two.

(This is the beginning of my fan fiction. It's my first time so it may be a little bad. But I have role played alot and actually one of my role plays inspired me to write a fan fiction like this so whoever is reading this leave a comment below and tell me what you think of my first chapter :D. The chapters will get longer so don't worry.) (bye!)

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