I. Birth

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Blooming here from the womb of His palm. Stretching out  from nothingness to a honed, immediate consciousness; so sweet and all encompassing.

I unwrap long limbs. Recline into peace. I feel sound.  Vibrations. A litany of foreign song. The breath of His whisper as He  creates.


New lungs draw. A great draught of  sweetness. A fluttering. A rush in fresh ears still echoing with the  touch of His Word.

I am whole.

There is no pain from light and I find the instinctual squint amusing.  It feels so strange on this face I have yet to know.  Laughter spills like water and the sound of it carries across the field. Colour holds me. I spin my head, trying to taste it on my tongue, understanding what I am seeing but I am without words.

Thunder in His laughter. He stands, backlit by sunlight, head tilted as He watches my Awakening. Skin dark and smooth as He reaches out His hand.

I raise my own—same dark smooth skin—and gasp when His fingers close around mine because I can feel His heart through His touch; the same touch that formed me.

He helps me to rise. Shows me Sky, Grass, Tree. Shows me the ways of a body to walk. It seems I already know.

I run. Hand still in His. Our joy undulates. We make our own wind.


Back to where I began. Softness beneath a flowering tree.

And a shape.

Smooth and resting in sleep. Rising and falling breath from chest broad and hard and nothing like my own. I drop His hand and approach on  my toes. Gently. A touch. My long, lean fingers against sleeping flesh, slightly darker. A stirring.  A sigh. He rolls over and opens eyes deep in knowledge and the unsaid word consumes me in the moment it takes me to catch my breath.


He rises, hand in wonder against his ribs, ripe in poetry as he pulls me against himself.  "Wife." Spoken into my hair, lips warm against my  neck.  "Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh."

We look back to find Him gazing on us in delight. He spreads wide His arms and calls into the sky, "It is all so  good!"  And the contagion of His glee is so overwhelming that we fall to the ground and rest in softness beneath His gaze, knowing that to be forever in His presence is to forever know this Communion.

It is beyond us to think there could ever be something that might break this solemn vow.

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