14| Your Interview Together

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(14| Your Interview Together)


Being in a boy band on a world tour was hard. Being an actress constantly travelling to new sets and award shows was equally as tiring. But holding a passion for each career, it wasn't seen as work and it definitely was not a chore.

Niall found himself busy all day every day and you were bound to your training and film making sets. But when either of you had time off, you'd come together and spend every second you could.

So not only was it a surprise when Niall's management contacted your agent in hopes that the two of you could do an interview together, but also very exciting. This was the first time you both got to share your time at work, and Niall was as happy as you were about it.

Standing up from the dressing room table, you turned around to have another person immediately help you. The moment you stepped into the studio, you've constantly had people fuss over your clothing, your makeup, your hair and even telking you how to appropriately answer questions.

You had done this a million times over, but this time it seemed different. Maybe because the love of your life sat across the room, having his hair done as he just stared at you.

You were beautiful and the dress you wore looked very slimming on you. No wonder Niall couldn't tear his eyes away from you. You are his beautiful princess, and he was going to absorb as much time with you as he could.

"And we'll need to connect this to your dress." A woman said, smiling at you and waving a clipped microphone between the two of you.

"Thank you." You smiled, letting her put the wiring on you as you turned over to smile at Niall. He gave you a wink before blowing you a kiss, you smiling so deep at the action that you thought you had popped out new dimples.

Niall was then guided to stand, his microphone being connected to his shirt. Grinning to himself, he took his phone out from his pocket and faced the camera towards you.

You hadn't noticed thag he had began recording as somebody came over showing you their clipboard, you pushing hair from your face as you leant closer to hear.

Satisfied with the video, Niall stopped recording and instantly took it to Instagram. Everyone needed to see how beautiful his princess was.

"Alright everyone, interview starts in exactly five minutes!" Producers then began to push you out the door, but you didn't budge. You were going to wait for Niall.

Seeing it had uploaded, Niall smiled before he was pushed towards the door as well. Lifting his eyes over to you, he stepped closer and held his hand out.

You gratefully accepted the gesture and let Niall intertwine your fingers as you both stepped out into the hall.

Apparently you both had to walk across to the other side of the studio for your entrance. And each step you took, had your heart beat more and more by the second.

"You nervous?" Niall asked, as you both came behind the black curtain just at the entrance.

"A little," you whispered, squeezing against Niall to let stage crew past. Niall's hands settled on your sides as he placed a light kiss to your forehead.

"Well I'll be right by your side the whole night." You smiled inwardly at the thought.

You were actually being aired live with your boyfriend. People had actually taken time out of both of your schedules so you could do this together.

It was something they wanted to commence so they could put it into One Direction's new movie coming out. All the boys having scenes where they interacted with their girlfriends, but none having been offered an interview with them.

"Two minutes!"

Your hands lightly began to shake as you stepped back, pulling them to the front of your chest. Why were you nervous? You didn't see a reason why you had to be.

Large warm hands encased around your small delicate ones, you looking up to see Niall smile reassuringly at you.

"I love you." He whispered, capturing you in for a short kiss.

"I love you too Niall." You giggled, him chuckling as he rested his forehead on yours.

"Thirty seconds!" The two of you pulled away and laced your hands, waiting for stage time. And soon enough, it came.

Both of you stepped out to be hit by a bright spotlight, screams coming left, right and center for the two of you.

You waved happily at the audience as Niall pulled you both over to the interviewer. With quick hugs and words of greetings, you sat down on the guest couch, Niall not hesitant to put his arm behind you.

"Well hello." The interviewer smiled widely as you all became comfortable. "How is the couple tonight?"

"Wonderful." You nodded, resting a hand on Niall's leg.

This was so exciting, and you did a good job at containing that emotion.

After small fluffy questions, the interviewer jumped straight in.

"So how long was it until you admitted the L word to each other?"

"Um," Niall glanced down at you as you thought, "about two, three months."

"It was at his mother's house too. It was the cutest thing." You cooed, the audience laughing as Niall playfully pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Aw, that's so sweet." The interviewer smiled at how happy you both looked with each other. "You must both be very close then, even though your jobs have to separate you a lot." You both nodded as you began to speak.

"Yes we are. I love this boy with everything I have." You smiled, feeling Niall's arm slither around your shoulders. "We are away from each other a lot, you know, due to our careers. But I don't think that distance should really threaten a relationship. You know?" The interviewer nodded as Niall cleared his throat to speak.

"Yeah, I don't think, well I personally don't think, that a relationship should deteriorate because of distance and travel and stuff. And with us," Niall squeezed your shoulder and pulled you tighter into his side, "I honestly think it's worth the wait. After months and months of touring, I get to fly home to this one and she makes me the happiest. I don't think, well, I know there is nobody else I want to be with."

"So, she's the one?"

"Yes, she's the one." He looked down at you as you both smiled brightly at each other. "I want to settle down, buy a house, start a family. And I know that we'll both have that in time. Because I love her, and I'm willing to do anything for her."

The whole audience cooed in admiration as you leant up to give him a peck. Though Niall captured your cheek and prolonged the kiss.

"I love you Niall Horan." You muttered, forgetting everybody for a moment as you sat in the arms of your boyfriend.

He smiled and kissed your forehead before turning his attention back to the interview. Not afraid to proclaim the love he had for you. And the feeling was more than mutual.


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