Chapter 27: Begining of The War

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Meathil sat there, crouching over Eglanor, her eyes wet with tears, and her heart thudding hardly in her chest. With every pump of her heart she was reminded that Eglanor's no longer beat. Her body was weightless, her arms couldn't move, she couldn't tear her eyes away from him. Tears ran down her cheeks as she let out a scream, screaming for him, screaming to the heavens to bring him back! Goddammit bring him back! Screaming a the hell for taking him away. Bring him back! Her pain tore the words out of her, no words came of though, only terrifying sounds and screams. The cries echoing around the palace, surely someone must have heard her, but she didn't care. All she cared was that Eglanor was... He was... Dead. Who? What? No... Who. She would kill her.... She would kill her! The Ostwyn queen, she would kill her! She didn't give a damn if she was supposed to go to the queen's meeting! She didn't give a damn about the well being of this wretched race! The princess... The queen... The court and knights... She would slaughter them all! And Deigil, had she been in on this? The words made her stop as she slowly felt her body fill with hatred, seeking revenge. Betrayal! She felt it fill every crevice in her soul, vengeance, she would kill them all! Rip them to shreds, slice them to pieces, until they were a pile of organs lying on the ground. She couldn't believe she defended this monster ours race, they deserved to be wiped out! They deserved it! Them and their malicious queen! And their cruel princess! The whole royal family! She screamed. She screamed. She cried. She howled so loud she almost went deaf. It was worth, for him, for him.

"Eglanor!" She cried and cupped his hand in hers. She loves him! Why! Dammit WHY! Bring him back! She sobbed and laced her fingers through his. His face was beautiful, still had no blemishes, his hair still glistening blonde, and his eyes closed. No emerald eyes in sight. Her heart crunched and squeezed itself. Dammit. Dammit. DAMMIT! She cried and moaned into him. Placing her face in his chest, nuzzling to him, wishing he was there to wrap his arms around her. Then she heard rustling of feet behind her, and when she turned around, her face soaked wet with tears, she found her bracket staring in horror.

"Meathil. What? Why are you crying?" Pengeth asked carefully, seeing her reaction to the question the girl backed off. The tears came back and her bracket was shocked to see them.

"He's dead." They paused, no one moved and no one spoke. They all didn't breath, as they stared at her and him. Waiting for her to continue, but there was nothing else to say. Wait? There was. "Were's Deigil?" Then from the shadows emerged the girl, her different colored eyes full of secrets. "Why?"


"What the hell are you keeping from us?!" The tone in her voice shook the room. Some of the girls holding onto each other for dear life. "Huh? What the hell is so important that you need to meet with the princess of all people! At midnight?!" Deigil froze, she stared straight at her, then looked at Eglanor. Traitor.


"I can't take it! Tell me! Tell me what is so important you are willing to lie to your captain! To your comrades! To everyone! What is so important?!"

"SHUT UP MEATHIL!" Hearing those word took her back, they took everyone back. No one... Had ever yelled at her like that. "You don't know why it's important! And you won't for a long time! But it is! And I know your in pain! You loved Eglanor! I saw it in your eyes! But don't take it out on me!"

"Tell us then! Make us understand!"

"You wouldn't understand! You couldn't." The mood swings were really getting on her nerve. Traitor. Traitor. Traitor. The word ran through her mind a thousand times just by looking at her. "I'm sorry. I know what it's like to loose someone you love, I do. Especially someone you love that much." What was she saying? She didn't know. She didn't know a thing. Meathil felt the ground beneath her stiffen and her hands curl up into fists.

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