Four days. It had been that long since Luke had talked to anyone. But now, he thought that it was a fine time to go to Ashton to discuss some things. He had thought about a lot in the past four isolating days. He came to the conclusion that it was going to be best if he didn't continue to bottle up what was going on inside of him. It needed to be released and there was no doubt about that. But in order for him to be effective and give himself some time to mentally prepare between chats, he was going to have one conversation per day. Today was going to be Ashton since his was going to be the easiest yet one of the most difficult talks he was going to have.

The blonde gently washed his stubbly face with the wet cloth, getting the four day old grime off of himself. As Luke looked into the mirror, he nearly jumped because it was hard to recognize himself with the stubble. There was never a time that Luke went without shaving. Everyday he would make it a point to make sure that his face was clean of hair and looked smooth. It didn't look terrible on him, but it certainly was different and aged him about five years, making him look twenty something instead of seventeen. He wasn't a huge fan of that part. Deciding it was time to make his face young again, Luke opened his cabinet to grab his razor. 

It obviously took longer than normal to make his face smooth, but he was happy when he looked at himself in the mirror again. He wasn't aged and looked normal. When he felt that he was old enough, he would grow out his stubble. But seventeen was just too young for that to happen. He wanted to look grown up when he was ready to actually start growing up and adulting. 

Luke combed his messy and disheveled hair, keeping it down for a change. There wasn't really a point for him to style it because he wasn't really in the mood to. Plus the day was half over and he would only have to shower or brush it out in a few hours when he went to bed. Which led him to just grabbing his white t-shirt, go-to hoodie, and his pair of blue flannel pajama pants. It was definitely nothing fancy for Ashton, but it didn't need to be. Ashton wasn't a black tie kind of guy. 

After he felt he was ready to go, Luke grabbed his phone and sent Ashton a text to tell him to meet him at their spot

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After he felt he was ready to go, Luke grabbed his phone and sent Ashton a text to tell him to meet him at their spot. It was definitely going to be awkward, but he was hoping that his neighbor would hear him out. He had with the conversations they've had up to this point, but there was still a slight fear that Luke had. 

It was easy for Luke to quietly escape his house since everyone else was preoccupied with whatever they were doing. It was only his brothers and friends that he had to sneak past in the living room. His dad was out in the shed and his mum was in the garden. They wouldn't notice him because they were of the thinking that he was locked away in his room like he had been. He quietly closed the door and bounded down the stairs so he was on the ground. Carefully, Luke made it through the back yard along the property line, not taking his eyes off his parents to make sure they didn't turn around and spot him. 

When he got to his and Ashton's spot, it was lonely. Luke expected that Ashton was probably just trying to get away from his family. He took his normal spot on the log that was on his side of the property and looked out at the lake, noticing that the water was coming farther onto shore than it was last time. It wasn't much, but it was over halfway to where Luke was seated. 

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