Chapter 1:the capture *

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Luna's POV

i was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden there's a bright light was put on my face. i squinted my slit icy blue eye's open to see my dad standing there smiling at me. i groaned and rolled out of bed. my dad chuckled at me and lifted me up. he left so i could change. i got dressed in my black knee high combat boots, black battle skirt,my icy blue tank top, black leather jacket,mask to cover my mouth because i have fang's because i drink blood every once in awhile to survive, and my sound village head band on my arm. i brushed my long black hair that goes down to just below my butt and put it in a high pony tail. i walked out of my room and ran to the kitchen. i sat down pulled down my mask and started eating my food. Kabuto-nii made me eggs and bacon for breakfast. today we were switching bases but we had to pass by Konoha to get to out new one and daddy was not happy about that. daddy came and and when he saw me he smiled at me and handed me my side bag. My side bag well one had my makeout paradise book in it because i'm strangely addicted to those books, and yes im only 13 going on 14 in a couple of month's. it also had some of my basic medical supplies in it, my scrolls, and some blood vial's for me. did i mention i'm also a jinchuriki? well i am i have a 12 tailed dragon sealed inside me.i also have cat ear's and a cat tail from my mother along with her icy blue eye's. other then that i get my looks from my dad. my seal is right on my side so it's really easy to see. i sighed and daddy looked at me.

"whats wrong? not happy about moving again?"

"i'm just worried about passing threw Konoha... you said that the people there don't like you so...if they see and attack us i'm just worried about what would happen"

"well no need to be so worried as long as your ok while were passing threw there everything will be ok. oh and keep your hood up to ok"

"ok daddy"

i went back to my room and put my weapons pouch on and filled it with my shuriken and kunai (pic above is what her kunai look like) that were dipped in a poison that paralyzes people. i grabbed my Katana and attacked it's sheath to my belt and put it in. i put my hood up and left with everyone else.

--time skip--

like i suspected while we were passing Konoha we were caught and a battle had begun. daddy told me to stay behind him and to not join the fun. my cloak only went down to my elbow's so it was easy to tell i was a girl. allot of jonin and ANBU were coming at my daddy and i. most were after daddy. he told me when around enemy's to call him Lord Orochimaru since he doesn't want people to know i'm his daughter. in fact not many people in the sound village know i'm his daughter. daddy and Kabuto were doing great at keeping them away but they soon surrounded us.

--Kakashi's POV--

we surrounded Orochimaru kabuto and some cloaked child with them. we heard Orochimaru talking to her.

"Luna...i want you to get out of here."-Orochimaru

"no way! i cant abandon you like that! not now not ever!"-Luna

"Luna you should listen...if you were to be caught then who knows what could happen to you!"-Kabuto

"not you to Kabuto-nii! i'm not leaving you guys! i'm not helpless ya know!"-Luna

"i dont care if your helpless or not! i cant take the risk of loosing you! not after i promised Kikiyo..."-Orochimaru

"FINE! i'll leave then but if things get bad i'm jumping back in and getting you out of here!"-Luna

Orochimaru looked angry with the girls answer but sighed and nodded anyway. she jumped out of the the middle and into a high tree nearby. me and everyone else soon went after Orochimaru and Kabuto, choosing to ignore the weird interaction.

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