The Life of a Gay Teen (Begining)

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"It's been 16 years.."

"That long huh? Sucks man..."

Two teenage boys sat on either side of a large oak tree. One held a

cigarette. He was about 5'11, and wore a red T-shirt and a pair of

blue jeans, his short blonde hair allowing his eyes to show through as

bright green. The other was large in stature. Around 6'6 he was

leaned back against the tree, his dull grey eyes staring up into the

branches of the oak. His curly brown hair reflected the sunlight in

some places. He wore a pair of black jeans, and a white long sleeved

shirt with various colors strewn over it, in some places creating a


"16 years. Not even a flirt"

The boy with brown hair said moving a hand up to one of his eyes

and sighing in dismay.

"It's getting really boring..."

"And by boring you mean lonely right?"

The boy with brown hair frowned and got to his feet, either hand

slipping into his jean pockets. A small silver earring could be seen

reflecting light from his right ear.

"That obvious huh? Damn... You know I'm not the type to really...

you know. Show sadness or any of that crap."

A sly grin crossed the brown haired boys face as he made his way

around the tree pointing a finger at the blonde haired boy.

"Now respect mih authoratah and don't tell anyone! Got it?"

The blonde haired boy looked up a puff of smoke rising from his lips

along with a little chuckle.

"Fine fine... Don't see how it would be brought up anyways... Aurelia

here yet?"

The brown haired boy looked around, not seeming to really care if he

saw the person the blonde haired boy was talking about or not.

"Don't see her anywhere"

The two were under a large oak in the center of a small park in the

city. The hum drum of people and vehicles nearly deafening as the

two talked.

"Dammit the movie is gunna start any minute where the hell is she"

The brown haired boy huphed out, a hand moving to rub the back of

his head in irritation.


Is all the blonde haired boy said back getting to his feet before

stomping out the cigarette.

"Anyways... Tell me more about the little problem"

The brown haired boy scowled and crossed his arms over his chest

turning to look at the street.

"Again. You know I'm not the type to express this crap.... At least

not openly.."

"So you can wear a pair of fake rabbit ears to school but you can't

tell me about relationship issues? Confident my ass."

The brown haired boy turned to his friend and merely stuck his

tongue out at him.

"Bite me... Come on lets just head into the movie ourselves..."

The blonde haired boy wasn't given a chance to answer before the

brown haired boy suddenly ran across the street into the movie

theatre. Sighing the blonde haired boy followed his friend.

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