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Emily's POV -

Goodnight Muffin, sleep tight x

My heart warmed at his affectionate goodnight text. I was lying here wide awake with a snoring Ivory on the floor willing myself to close my eyes and sleep. My eyes stung, my head ached and all I wanted was to sleep for a decade.

I was more than surprised when my phone pinged letting me know I had received a text from Jake. I literally didn't breathe properly the whole time we were texting, my heart doing little palpitations.

I smiled fondly at how cheeky he was, feeling more relaxed and content with every text he sent me. Eventually my eyes grew too heavy for me to keep open and I turned my phone off, his words still floating through my mind. I knew there was hope for us and I snuggled further into my blanket, closing my eyes and letting my body relax, once and for all.


I woke the next morning, feeling instantly refreshed. I stretched and reached for my phone to read over the texts Jake and I had sent to each other the night before. Would he suggest we meet up and sort things out? Would he leave me and give me the space I needed?

An instant toothy smile flashed across my face as I saw he had sent me a text that was unread. I opened it and my eyes scanned over the screen -

-Morning, sleep well?

I grinned biting on my lower lip as I re-read his text over and over again. He had fallen asleep after texting me and was now texting me the next morning.

-Very well, you?

I sent the text and pulled back the covers, looking over to the spot on the floor where Ivory had slept. Her blow up mattress was empty and I frowned, wondering where she had disappeared to. Usually she was too lazy to get out of bed and would spend most of her morning underneath the covers.

"Ivory?" I called out, no reply. I stood up, grabbing my bath robe before pulling it over me, grateful for the warmth. The morning air was chilly as winter creeped around the corner, December approaching fast.

Silence greeted me and I opened my bedroom door, glancing out into the hallway. I frowned and headed for the stairs, making my way downstairs. I pushed open the door to the kitchen and saw her stood by the cooker, her back to me. Her hair was stood up in every direction and she herself was wrapped up in a pink fluffy bath robe.

"Hey, good morning," I called out softly, rubbing sleep away from my eyes. She turned at the sound of my voice, holding a spatula in her hand.

"Morning, do you want some breakfast?" She asked, giving me a warm smile.

"Yes please, that smells amazing" I nodded towards the eggs she was frying and she grinned at me, motioning for me to sit down. I took a seat on the dining table, wrapping my robe around me tighter.

"Did you sleep well?" I asked and she nodded enthusiastically -

"I slept like a baby," she chuckled and I grinned at her, grateful that she had settled in well at Pops.

"You were up late last night. I woke up for a second and saw you on your phone," Ivory stated playfully, suggestive humour in her voice. I felt my cheeks immediately flame up, turning a dark shade of red.

"I was texting Jake" I mumbled nibbling on my bottom lip. She beamed back at me, her eyes twinkling.

"Aha! I knew it!" She cried out, waving the spatula in the air.

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