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"Yeah i know.."

"But I still love you" Olivia said

"I love you too bby"

"Okey so are we good?" Jose said look at me

"What do you mean by that?"

"Like you know the things I did..."

"Noo! You think I'm just going to forgive you? No you cheated on me Jose!! That is not okay"

"I know I know but we can still try work it out?"


"Come on Sandra!! I love you so much and I can't live without you so please give me a second chance!!"

" I don't know.. I trusted you and you broke my heart I don't know if I can trust you again..."

"Sandra please promise I won't do it again I promise"

"Give me some time to think about it okey!"


After that I decided to go to bed because I was really tired. 2 hours later I wake up a bit and I could feel someone cuddling with me and I saw Jose arm but tbh I didn't mind because I have missed this so much!! But I can't just give in yet, he did cheat on me... But I guess this is okay because it just cuddling, I feel back to sleep and  wake maybe 4 hours later Jose was not in bed any more so I got up and when I got to kickihen he was cooking dinner and damn I have missed this just seeing him cooking! And I miss what we had! I have never felt that way toward someone before and I actually think it was real love!! But i have really big trust issues... So I don't know if ever will be able to trust him again..
I walked into the kitchen and Jose turned around

"Hi did you sleep well?"

"Hi and yea! So what are you cooking?"  I smiled

"Ur favorite!"

"Omg no way aww thanks I have eaten that in forever!"

"I know that u have been having a hard time so idk I just decided to make it" he smiled back

"Aww ur so sweet"

"You deserve it, and if you need something else just ask me and I'll go and buy it for you" he smiled

"Aww Jose ur so sweet!! I really appreciate that"
He just smiled and gave me position of my favorite meal! And then he sit right next to me and just sit there talking about how me and Olivia eskept for Jack and all that.

"So you would have easily saved Olivia when we took her?"

"Haha yeah! But I didn't wanna do it because I want to keep a low profile!"

"Ohh but tbh when you told us that I was in shock and then I was like damn girl!!!! And I know that you don't really trust me but I'm going to make it up to you! Because I love you"

"Hahah, Jose its going to take a while but if you don't give up maybe we can have what we had and even better"

"That's what I want! I love you too much I can't let you go!!"

"I just want you to know what I still have feelings for you but I know how to control my feelings, because I won't let everyone destroy me! You could say that I can be like cold as ice"

"You do? That great! And I completely understand why and I promise I'm going to make it up to you"

"Okey it great to hear that ur going to fight for us! And I'm not giving up ether!
Because when I saw you for the first time I was in love and tbh i never thought you were involved with gangs! Net from what I could see you looked so kind and sweet! But i knew that u were and that's why I didn't want have anything to do with you... But I guess I was wrong! I need you in my life and yes it's going to take some time for me to fully trust you again but it will be worth it"

"Sandra tbh when I saw you at that party I was like damn she is so gorgeous!! And I wanted to know more about you! So I did my research and I could be more happy when I saw the you have been involved in gangs! And when we started talking you were the only thing on my mind! Sandra I love you so so much and I don't care if this thaks years for you to trust me again because I'm not leaving you!

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