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(That's Jack👆🏻)

I hide the gun and keys so he wouldn't see that  i tog them,  when he walked back to sit down he didn't notice that I took his gun and keys but he then to up his phone and I knew what he was about to do so I was trying to get the handcuffs off and as I did his boss just answered I stands up and put the gun to him and said " if you don't say that everything is alright and hung up, I'm going to kill you"


Jack: hey have they woken up yet?

Gaurd: no I'm so sorry I didn't mean to call my phone called you in my pocket I'm sorry sir

Jack: it okay! Bye


"Good"  I said look at Olivia

"Not bad tbh!"

"Shut up"

"You know that you can't expect this house"

"You don't know who I am!"

"Yes i do we have done our research"

"Haha well you don't know the real me nobody does"  Olivia look at me confused

"Wait what? I don't understand" she said

"I'm sorry but you only knew me as Sandra but that's just my name only my family knows who I am!"

"I'm so confused rn"

"I will tell you when we get out of here!"
I knew exactly what I had to do so I could get out but As i was about to walk over to Olivia someone open the door and it was Jack

"Well well look who we have here" he took a step toward me

"We you take one more step I will kill you"

"Haha I am supposed to be scared?"
He just laughed
When he tried to get close to me I just went all crazy! Olivia was shocked because I was like doing all the stuff you see in movies but this was in real life, but after the accident I wasn't as strong I used to be, he hit me right in the head and I fall to the ground

"I thought you was going to be strong" he laughed

"Shut up" I said as he picked me up and up on the handcuffs again

"Why don't you just let us go? You know that I don't mean everything to Frimzy? We broke up"

"Ohh really? Who was the one that broke up?"

"Umm me"

"Okey see Frimzy will always care about you even if you guys broke up! I have never seen him like this with a girl before so I know that he will still do anything for you"

"How do you know that?!"

"I have know him longer than anyone else!.
And who do we got here?" He looks at Olivia

"Maybe I should have you over here after all this" he smirked I knew exactly what he meant

"If you ever you touch her you are dead!!! You understand me?"

"Haha I can do what I want bitch"
I just want to kill him rn I was so mad!!
He turned around facing me and he just hit me right in the face not one time not two times he hit me four times I started bleeding and I could see the other guy filming and when they were doing they just sit down

"Let's see what ur ex boyfriend says when he sees this" he laughed
He sends the video to Frimzy and in about 3 minutes he called

Jack: well hello Frimzy

Frimzy: if you ever touch her again I'm going to kill you!

Jack: yeah yeah I have heard that before.

Frimzy: okay what do you want me to do? Just let them go!.

Jack: now we are talking.

Me: Jose don't do it we will make it out I promise don't do anything he says!.

Jack: shut up you bitch hoe.
He slapped me
Frimzy: don't fucking touch her!!!.

Jack: are you still in on the deal?.

Frimzy: yes just let them go!.

Jack: okey so I want 3,000,000$ you have 24h and if you don't make it we will kill them!

Frimzy: 3,000,000$ in 24h are you crazy?.

Jack: no!! Just do it and we wouldn't harm them!.

Frimzy: okey!.

End of the phone call

I can't believe he said yes.. I need to get out of here before 24h pass!

"What did I say? I knew that he would do anything for you!"

"Fuck you"

Jose's pov

"Franky" I screamed

"What" he comes running

"Jack just sent me this, and I called him" I showed him the video

"Omg I going to kill him!! And what did he say on the phone?"

"He wants 3,000,000$ in 24h..."

"What... That almost impossible!"

"Yeah I know but if we don't give him that he will kill them"

"Shit okey then we have to start rn!!" Franky said

"Yea lets go"

I really hope Sandra is okay! All I could see was the picture from the video when he hit her right in the face.. He is so going to pay for this! I'm going to torture him until he bags on his knees! We both started talking to our contact and it was going well, but we need more time and I know that we don't have any more time. After 7 hours of trying to get 3,000,000$ we got 1,000,000$ and it's really hard I hope we can make it!

OMG I can't believe that we are over 5k
thank y'all!!! I don't know what to say
I love y'all so much ❤️❤️

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