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I walked out but someone grabbed my wrist and I pulls up one of my knife it was Jose that grabbed my wrist

"Let me go! You know that I'm not afraid to use it" he let me go and I could see how sad he was but I don't care because he cheated on me. Me and Olivia jump in our car and drove off before we left I looked back and Jose was sitting down on the steers with his hand on his face I think he was crying

Jose's pov

I can't believe what just happened... I fuck up bad I really loved her and now she is gone and Jack is probably going to take her.. I don't know what to do, Franky sits down next to me

"Hey it going to be okey she will come back"

"How do you know that and Jack is probably going to take her now..."

"Just don't lose hope I know you can do this!"

"Thanks bro!"

"No problem come on let's go back inside"
We walked inside and I was supposed to work but I didn't have any energy, I just lay down on my bed and I remember all our memories and damn I have never been this happy in my life... And now it all gone why did I have to do it? why??? I sit up and looked around in my room and I found one of her hoodies, I picked it up and it smells just like her damn I miss her already!

Sandra's pov

As we left I could stop thinking about him and the way he was so sad but he cheated on me... But I love him I have never been this in love with someone, after a while of looking out the window I realized that someone was following us on a big black car

"Olive have you seen the car behind us? I think it following us!"

"Yes I'm going to try to lose them"
She takes a lot of turns randomly and they are still after us I started to get a bit worried maybe Jose was right about Jack

"Maybe it's Jack"

"Maybe what should we do?"

"Idk should I call Jose?"

"I know maybe you don't want to talk to him but that is maybe the best idea right now.."

I picked you my phone and called him


"Hi Jose hmm I don't know how to say this but there is a big black car following us and we can't lose them.."

"Are joking?"

"No Jose I'm serious! I'm actually a bit scared!

"Fuck it's probably Jack.. Okey just stay calm and do you stop the car" and as he told me what to do they drove into us and I started screaming

"Sandra what going on"

"They just drove into us they are trying to get us off the road, Jose help us"

"Okey I'm doing my best don't worry baby I'm going to save you" he hung up and they keep trying to get us of the road.. I'm so scared
Yeah stop and I was so confused and then the just started pushing full gas and when they hit us our car drove right in to a three and we both was  knocked out

Still Sandra's pov

I could hear people talking but I know better than to wake up because then they will probably just started phishing me so listen to what they were talking about and I know for fact that it was Jack that has taken us

"So what are we going to do to them?"

"We will just torture them and then I will call Frimzy and say if he does do what I say they will be killed!" He laughed

"That a great idea!!"

"So are they wake yet?"

"No! But they probably will soon"

"Okey just call me when!"

"Okey sir"

I heard a door open and close and I started looking really around being really careful and I saw Olivia right in front of me in a chair and we were in a small room with one lamp and it was one guard in here so if I just can get out if this  chair I can early take him down! I looked at Olivia again and she was looking at me and we both know what to do! We just sit there fake sleeping or past out and the guy sits down on a chair and I could see that he had one gun! I have never been in this kind of situation before but I have been trained for doing this! So I know exactly what to do! I winked two thins to Olivia and she knows what that means, so she started moving a bit and It catch the guy attention, stands up walking throwers her and when he was right in front of her she jumps up and  knocked him in the head making him fall in my lap so I could just take his keys and gun but I was still "past out" he walked up to her sand hits her right in face.

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