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Sandra's pov

I woke up to Olivia screaming at me

"Sandra you need to get up and eat breakfast"
So I got up and put on one of jose's hoodies, I walked into the kitchen Olivia was sitting eating so I sit down with her and we started planning what we should do today.

"So we can leave the house so what should we do?"

"Hmm good question, maybe just have a girls day you know just talk about boys just how we used to do it!"

"Yaas girl!! So how is everything going with Jose?"

"Everything is going great! I fall In love with him more and more"

"Aww you guys are seriously the cutest couple ever"


"So how many times have you and him" she smirked at me


"Damn already! You guys have known each other for 1 week"

"I know! But let talk about you, are you talking to someone?"

"No and rn I'm not planning on getting in a relationship"


"I just want some alone time just me and you I don't really want a bf rn"

"Okey" I smiled

"So should we ordered pizza?"


"Okey so what do you want?"

"A just a regular pizza with cheese and ham"

"Okey" I ordered our pizzas and while we were waiting we decided to put on a movie about 20 minutes later we hear the bell to the gaits call so we walked out and took our pizza and walked in, as we were sitting in my living room watching a movie I decided to go on Instagram I look at some pictures I post with Jose, I have gotten so many nice and sweet comments and I click on his profile and see that he is really close to 1M followers damn, and yes he got a lot of followers I think it's just because he is one of the most dangerous gang leader in the world. I decided to look through his tagged pictures, at first I just saw people posting pics of us and som other pics but then I saw I picture of him with a girl sitting on his lap and he had his hand on her ass, my first thought was that it was an old picture but then I refreshed the tagged photos and so many people had reported it and som with a picture of us beside it I was getting angry and upset, I commented on one ask what's going on.

Me: hey what's going on?...

Frimzyyyaye: omg Sandra I'm so sorry but this picture was taken about 2 hours ago

Me: are you sure? Because it can be a old pic

Frimzyyyaye: yes I'm positive! Just check out this Instagram
@/ Queennbitch

I look her Instagram up and I saw the picture but that was not all it was a video too, in the video you could clearly see that it was Jose and she was twerking on him, while he was grabbing her ass and in the end of the video they were making out. I got so angry I just flipped out and I started screaming and shit

"Sandra calm down! What's wrong?"

"Omg I'm going to kill him I'm. FUCK SERIOUS"


"Jose... I can't believe he cheated on me"

"WHAT! Let go and kill him"

"I'm going to fucking kill him when he gets home!"

1 hour later I heard the door open and I could hear Jose calling my name

"Sandra I'm home" I walked up and stopped in the middle of the living room just staring at him

"Hi baby, I have missed you come here and give me a kiss"

"Don't you baby me"

"What's wrong?"

"You know what I'm talking about.... I can't believe I trusted you! FUCK YOU Jose!!!! I fucking hate you and I hope you are happy now, and btw have fun in prison"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I could see that he was confused and maybe a little bit scared

"Maybe you should call you hoe!!! Jose I thought you had changed... But I guess I was wrong you can stick with one girl"

"Babe I'm so so sorry!! I didn't d-" I cut him of

"You're sorry okey so you didn't do anything?
So it wasn't you grabbing her ass and making out with her?" He didn't answer



"I don't care if you were drunk or high... You should know that you don't cheat on the person you love! You have yourself told me that you hate when people cheat because you have been cheated on... And you know how it feels"

"Sandra please I will do anything I promise not to do it again"

"Jose save it for later I'm leaving"
I walked into my room and took my purse and started packing some clothes Jose was standing by the door

"Sandra you know that you can't leave Jack will take you..."

"Maybe he will love me and don't cheat on me..."

"Sandra Noo please! He is a really bad person"

"Ohh so you are not a bad person? You kill people here and there and you also cheat on the person that loved you.."

"Jose just give up!"

"I'm never going to give up"

"To bad because I think you should move on and be with ur hoe"


"Jose why the fuck are you screaming"

"Because I'm angry and upset"

"Why are you angry you haven't been cheated on.."

"I'm angry because of what I did and that I can't go back in time and make everything right.. I'm upset because I love you and I have never felt like this towards someone and I don't want to lose you.."

"It's too late... I'm sorry but I can't be with you anymore more, we are over"
I walked out but someone grabbed my wrist and

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