Chapter 1

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3rd Person P.O.V
Deidara looked at his little brother and smiled. "Naruto you're the last of my family." The 8 year old stopped and looked around, "I'm afraid the Tsuchikage will take you away if he finds out! Or what if your criticized like I am for your hands! Or what if... no I can't think like that. I'll take you somewhere safe-somewhere you'll be appreciated!" The boy nodded to himself and picked up his brother before sneaking out of the village.

Deidara panted as he crossed the border into fire country. He kept walking till he was almost at Konoha. Unknown to the little blonde there was a team of Leaf ANBU following him. Deidara sighed and put his little brother down before placing a card with Naruto's name on it. Deidara stood up and turned around beginning to walk away before he stopped and looked at his little brother one more time. With tears brimming his eyes he ran back to Iwa so that the Tsuchikage wouldn't notice his absence. The ANBU team jumped down and picked up the child before nodding to eachother and shunshining to the Hokage's office.

Minato looked up from his desk to see the border patrol ANBU infront of him holding a small blonde child. "Report."

"Hai! We where scouting the area when an 8 year old child wandered over the border holding a small child. We tailed the boy until he stopped and placed down the child. He then stood up and left the baby alone. So we jumped down and picked up the babe so we could bring him to you."

"Hmm I'll take him Kushina was wanting a child since we got married. Give him to me." The ANBU nodded and handed the Hokage the baby. "Does he have a name?"

"He was called Naruto."

"Alright dismissed."

"Hai!" The ANBU left and the Hokage smiled at the child before looking around and making a shadow clone having it stay in his office while he left for home.

Minato walked into his house to see his wife he smiled. "Kushina meet Naruto he was abandoned so I decided we could raise him." Kushina who was staring at the child gasped and ran forward taking him from Mianatos grasp and rocking him back and forth.

"Naruto, I like it! Welcome to the family."

12 Years Later
A young blonde sat in the back of the room his cold blue eyes glaring at everything. This blonde was Naruto Namikaze. He had his hair styled like his older brothers-although he didn't know that- except it was short in the back so there was no ponytail.


I think you get the picture hahaha get  it?)

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I think you get the picture hahaha get  it?)

He wore a plain white long sleeved shirt with holes on the bottom of the sleeves for his thumbs,

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