Chapter 16

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I wake up to someone rubbing my stomach and cooing softly. "Wake up baby, it's morning time." I blink my eyes open hazily and stare at Ashton.

He chuckles and picks me up, balancing me on his hip and picking up my pacifier. He wipes it off on his shirt before putting it in my mouth.

He carries us upstairs and into the bathroom. He sets me down and turns around to start the bath.

After he checks the tempature, he undresses and wipes me before putting me in. He adds bubble bath and washes me.

"Close your eyes baby." He coos and pours water on my head to get the shampoo out then does the same with conditioner.

Ashton pulls the drain out and lifts me out. He wraps me in a fluffy towel and dries me off before taking me to my nursery. He gently lays me down on the changing table and goes to the closet to pick an outfit for me.

He chooses a pair of denim shorts and  a red shirt. I guess we were gonna have a lazy day because he didn't pick anything fancy. He places a new nappy under my bottom and sprinkles baby power then tapes it up before putting the shorts and shirt on me.

He picks me up and grabs my wolf stuffie from my crib and hands it to me. I cuddle it and bury my head into his neck. He rubs my back as we go downstairs and into the living room.

The rest if the guys were playing a video game and when Calum saw me he immediately stood up and took me from Ashton. "I wanna snuggle with my baby!" He says and i giggle behind my pacifier.

Ashton laughs. "I'll go make her bottle." He says and goes into the kitchen.

Calum sits back down on the couch with me in his lap and starts massaging my stomach. I hum in content and lean into him. He chuckles and kisses my forehead.

Ashton comes back into the living room with a bottle in his hand and hands it to Calum. Ashton sits next to us and starts watching the guys who are playing Mario kart.

Calum feeds me the bottle and rubs my stomach gently. After he feeds me,  he takes me to my high chair and straps me in. He goes to the kitchen and comes out with a small bowl of Nutella.

I squeal happily and make grabby hands at it. He chuckles. "Calm  down baby, I'll feed you." He says and sits down in front of me. He feeds me, sometimes teasing me making the spoon go in circles.

After he feeds me, he wipes my mouth with a damp cloth

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After he feeds me, he wipes my mouth with a damp cloth. Calum picks me up and we venture out into the living room. Once the rest of the guys see us they pull us onto the couch and we snuggle for awhile.

An hour later, Michael slowly gathers me in his arms and takes me upstairs. He lays me on my changing table and untapes my nappy. He wipes and powders me and puts a fresh nappy on me. He lays me in my crib and kisses my forehead. "Goodnight princess."


Warm sunlight streams in my window as Luke walks into my room. "Wake up baby girl." He coos and picks me up, cradling my body against his chest. "Wanna go to the park?" He asks me. I immediately wake up and bounce in his arms, shaking my head yes.

He chuckles. "Well we have to get you dressed first silly!" He says, bouncing me in his arms as he walks over to the changing table.

He lays me down and makes quick work of changing my nappy and dressing me into shorts  and a a mint green tea shirt with anchors on it.

He lifts me up and blows raspberries on my stomach before taking us downstairs. The rest of the guys are ready and packed waiting to go.

"Ready to go?" Ashton says, taking me from Luke and bouncing me on his hip. "Yes!" I say and snuggle into him. He chuckles and grabs the diaper bag and heads out to the car.

Ashton opens the door and puts me in an adult sized car seat, something I haven't noticed before. He pops my pacifier in my mouth and kisses my forehead.

He closes the door and gets in the front, Calum sliding into the passenger seat next to him and Luke and Michael on the left side of me.

"Okay baby," Ashton says, backing out of the driveway and begins driving. " We're taking you to a park where the kids will be your age, okay? We found a community where people do ageplay just like you! And the best part is that some celebrities do it too!"

I process this information in my head before speaking. "You mean other celebrities do this too?" Ashton looks at me through the rear view mirror and nods.

"Yep! As you know, All Time Low do it but our friends Josh and Tyler from the band Twenty One Pilots do it too. They have a little girl." He says and smiles at me.

I smile and sigh in relief, glad that I might make some friends. I lean my head on the window and wait patiently till we get to the park.

When we get there, Calum helps me down and we walk to the playground area. I see Josh and Tyler ( she knows the band ) sitting on a bench, watching a little girl my age playing in a sandbox.

We walk over and they introduce me. Michael crouches  down to my height. "Okay bug, we're gonna talk with Josh and Tyler, why don't you see if Lily wants to play." He says and pats my bum.

I slowly walk over and tap her shoulder. She looks over at me and smiles.

"Hello! I'm Lily! You must be Taylor, I've heard so much about you! Wanna play?" She says, holding out a plastic shovel. I smile and say sure, sitting down next to her and begin building a castle.

We play for awhile, going on the swings and playground until the guys call us to come over. "Did you guys have a good time? Tyler asks, lifting Lily onto his hip, Michael doing the same for me.

"Yeah! Taylor's so nice! Can we have a sleepover sometime? Pleeeaassee?' Lily begs them. "Maybe later, but im sure they wouldn't mind going out for ice cream?" Josh questioned.

"We would love too! We'll follow you to the ice cream shop." Ashton says. We head off in our separate vehicles. When we get to the shop, Lily and I hug each other like we haven't seen each other in years but in reality it was just a couple minutes.

We enter and Lily and me both pick out chocolate chip cookie dough. The guys get some too and we sit at a table. After we finish, Michael wipes my face with a wipe and I get embarrassed until I see Tyler doing the same for Lily.

We walk out of the shop and Lily and I say our goodbyes. They leave and we get in the car. We head home and  listen to twenty one pilots ironically and jam out.

We pull in the driveway and Michael gets me out, walking into the house and going upstairs into my nursery.

He lays me down on the changing table and strips me of my clothes. He untapes my nappy and tosses it in the wastebasket. He wipes and powders me, putting a thicker nappy on and taping it. He pats the front then goes to the closet to pick out pajamas.

He comes back with a light blue fleece  onsie, putting it on me and lifting me up. "Who's my pretty girl?" He coos, walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I giggle and bury my head into his chest.

After brushing my teeth, he takes us to the master bedroom where the boys are laying in bed with their pajamas on. I'm placed in the middle of all of them, so I don't fall off the bed. "Goodnight baby girl, we love you." Calum whispers before kissing my head.

Why is there no drum emoji? 😞 Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, longest one I've written! :)

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