Chapter 25: A Day to Remember

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Saku, Mochi and the new addition Laura were now at the academy. It was midday...and only a day before the fated battle between Saku and the leader of the Shadow League. Saku with Laura was in Aries' room, where oddly only Anastasia and Aries, in her uniform, were actually present. Mochi was with Sophie somewhere else in the academy. Saku had finished telling Anastasia and Aries of his exploits and the leader's plan.

Aries had a notable look of anger "how dare that guy just toy with life just he does. For a guy looking for an equal world...he's looking at everyone as if they're underneath him"

"Even Mochi was almost part of his plan" said Anastasia "if it wasn't for you two, Laura and Saku, we could've been fighting her"

"it was lucky really" said Laura "That Saku found her when he did"

" is" said Saku with his arms folded "I'm giving that guy a piece of my mind tomorrow"

"Still...there's one thing I don't get" said Aries "You said Chloe could take the forms of others? So was she the the tournament not Izanagi?"

"Yeah..." said Saku "it was actually Chloe that Anastasia fought against. That's what felt off about it. Chloe didn't quite get...their mannerisms down"

"Still...why did she have to do that?" asked Aries "couldn't she fight as she was? And what was the deal with Akihiko anyway?"

Saku took a moment before speaking "during the day, when I was...struggling to come to terms with my power. Kieran paid me a visit"

"That was when...he invited you to join the shadow league wasn't it?" said Anastasia to which Saku gave a slight nod

"Kieran then...showed me what was wrong with Chloe and Akihiko" Saku took a minute before continuing "Chloe...was injured once...very badly in an aura-fight. She was in critical condition with her only option...a bio-infusion to save her life. She was...saved...but changed... Chloe was healed...but when she fought...she took the form of the person she got the aura energy from"

"So...Chloe...couldn't fight just how she was?" asked Aries

"Yes...that's true" said Laura "quite horrible really, knowing you can't even fight as yourself during a fight"

"Yeah" said Saku "And as a result she was practically labelled an identity thief. And more or less thrown out of society"

"So Saku what did it say about Akihiko?" asked Laura

Saku folded his arms and looked troubled "just...know that he was...number 1 of the project" everyone reacted "Before they made warriors...they forcefully injected people with different B.U.S. As guinea pigs. The result...was the twisted Akihiko we saw. Akihiko gained different powers depending on which negative emotion he could feel from his opponent"

"That does explain why his power grew stronger or weaker" said Aries "such as when you felt terrified or angry

"Although at the time when I read it..." said Saku "I didn't think it had to do with the aura-warrior project"

"I feel...almost sick to my stomach" said Laura clutching her arms "to think...I was part of that cause"

"I wouldn't consider yourself at fault Laura" said Aries smiling "it anything it was Saku here that made you" Laura then blushed

"She's right" said Anastasia putting a hand on Laura's shoulder "don't let it bother you okay"

"Remember it's what you chose to be that's important" said Saku making Laura smile.

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