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London 1964

"OMG!!! Please!! Oh no!!! He's not breathing!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!!" John shouted at the top of his lungs holding the limp body in his arms.

John hugged the lifeless body close to his chest and rested his cheek on the soft mop top.

He ran his hand through the silky hair to find something warm and wet there and quickly looked at his hand.

"HE'S BLEEDING!!!" John cried out loud seeing some paramedics running over to them "PLEASE HELP HIM!!" he sobbed rocking the lifeless body in his arms.

"Let us take it from here sir" one of the paramedics instructed and John glanced up at the man.

"Johnny..." Ringo's voice sounded and John saw the drummer kneeling next to him and feeling his hand on his trembling shoulder "...come 'ead buddy... Let the professionals take care of him now..." he said and helped John back to his feet.

George stood next to them with tears running down his face.

Together they watched how the paramedics were reanimating their friend now, trying to bring him back to them...

A/N  @ NJ2001 This is for you, my awesomely sweet Macca-mate. Thank you for everything!

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