Chapter 19- Vodka

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Melody's POV

I sigh and blow out a huff of air, pulling the jacket closer to my body. I look up at the starry sky as I walk along the pavement. I love the cold but this is just freezing.

My mom is craving pína coladas and so she asked me to go to bar to get her one. I'll make sure its a virgin one because she doesn't take alcohol very well.

I push the door open and breathe in the strong smell of tobacco. I cough and try to wave away the smell.

Walking up to the bar, I pull out the stool and sit down. "Can I have a virgin pína colada to go please?" I say to the guy on the other side of the bar that has tattoos on every place on his skin as well piercings and dark hair.

He nods and starts making the drink, I put the money on the table and he takes it, slipping it into his pocket.      

I get up to go to the bathroom, "Where's the bathroom?" I ask. The guy points to the end of the long bar that has a little door with a ladies bathroom sign on it.

I walk along the bar when I pass the only other guy in the bar except the barista, he is wearing a black wife beater and has dark hair. He's actually quite good looking and has awesome biceps. I can't see his face because he is staring down at his hands that are wrapped around a bottle of vodka.

I push the door open and scrunch my nose in disgust. Whoever said that girls bathrooms are cleaner than guys must also believe that dinosaurs still exist because they are very wrong.

Once I'm finished I walk out and my eyes widened in shock as I realize I know the person sitting at the bar all alone.

"Tyson?" I frown, "What are you doing here?" I ask.

Tyson looks up and realizes it's me, he quickly wipes away a few tears that stain his cheeks, "Melody." he says, acknowledging me.

I sit down on the stool next to Tyson's. "Are you... Okay?" I ask slowly, looking down at the now empty bottle of vodka. "I'm splendid, how are you love?" he says sardonically.

I roll my eyes and take one of Tyson's hands, intertwining it in mine, "What's wrong?" I ask.

He sighs and looks down, "Nothing." he says bluntly.

I purse my lips. People have always assumed Tyson was a "bad boy" because he is a player and popular and he has been very ignorant to others but I realize that he has never been rude or egocentric to me at all this year. He has always been really nice, maybe a bit cocky, but nice none the less.

Maybe, just maybe, I don't hate him as much as I thought I did... Maybe I don't hate him at all anymore...

"Tyson, you c-" I start but Tyson cuts me off, "It's none of your fucking business, I hardly know you Melody! You wouldn't understand. You're just another fucking girl I'm talking to because I need to win a bet!" he shouts.

I let go of Tyson's hand and face foward, staring down at the plain black slab of concrete that's covering the entire counter.

The barista places the pina colada down in front of me, "Enjoy." he grunts before walking off, to the other end of the bar.

I stand up, "I get that you're upset, I know how it feels, I was a mess when my dad died. I stayed locked in my room for weeks without talking to anyone, but one thing I didn't do is take it out on others. You shouldn't either." I state and walk out the bar and into the cold night.


I'm sitting in a hotel and the song let her go is playing... How depressing. I guess that's why I made this chapter so grumpy. Ugh, I don't know just leave me alone xD Thanks for reading <3 hope you enjoyed xxx

Lots of love and jelly tots- TPG

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