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Is "happiness" found only after years of searching,

Or are we waiting eagerly for the station of "joy" to arrive,

While our sadness travels with us as a companion,

Desparately hoping to find eternal studded happiness.

To all of us delicately hearted,

"happiness" must certainly be created,

She is not to be discovered in some ancient Egyptian pyramid ,

Oh no, she awaits our warm embrace now on our doorsteps.

Cherish the moments of laughter that rise from your bellies,

Paint and capture life with sheer delight,

Like children, see starry eyed dreams,

And trust that the goodness of God will always be a canvas over us.

To all my loving friends, I graciously welcome you,

To a land of bear hugs and fizzy smiles,

Where my arms are yearning to kindly touch,

each and everyone of your shiny hearts.

Lets make every sunrise count,

And colour our experiences brighter and sharper,

Enjoy fragrance filled memories that are larger than life,

And keep only the best times in our bosoms.

"Happiness" is a joy that is inside each of us,

An inner song that races beyond all barriers,

It is a moment to moment golden glow,

That is readily alive , growing, and probing for a way out of our souls.

Today we shall spend our precious minutes together,

When a price shall be too small to pay,

Open your souls with a willingness to grow,

And see the amazing beauty that slumbers within.

With all of my love to you... today..

White diamond.

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