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Prankster's P.O.V

The past week had flown by and Bad Boy and I had hung out every single day just like old times. We did loads and loads of new pranks on the teachers like using balloons filled with paint which were placed in classrooms, slime buckets placed above doors, the classic glue on a chair trick and then a stink bomb and itching powder prank.

Bad Boy and I had also been on three meals together and I felt so close to him, I felt like we were best friends again. At the moment it was after school and I was about to enter his friend 'Baxter's' house who is Bad Boy's best friend who I had yet to meet. We were coming round to watch some horror and action movies along with loads of popcorn which we'd eat.

"Hey Bad Boy, and ooh you must be Prankster, may I say that you look absolutely stunning and totally sexy just like Bad Boy described!" Baxter introduced as he winked at me and kissed my hand causing me to blush and Bad Boy to blush and punch Baxter because of his previous comment.

I had to admit Baxter was quite handsome: oak coloured hair which was spiked, a killer body and stunning icy eyes and he seemed like quite a charming figure but there was one problem: he was probably a complete man whore though.

I headed indoors as Baxter kept complimenting me as I took a seat on the sofa in-between Baxter and Bad Boy. We decided to do a movie marathon and decided to watch the whole taken series since it was a Friday night.

As the movies played we all munched on slightly salted popcorn as I felt Bad Boy put his hand on my leg as a comforting gesture causing me to shiver and go red for who knows what reason. Then I saw Baxter's arm rise as he put it behind me and casually pulled me in for a hug causing me to be pulled out of Bad Boy's warm touch which I missed, without it I felt cold.

For the rest of the movie I felt kind of awkward with Baxter's arm around me and Bad Boy had moved away from both of us and sat on the other side of the room with anger coated on his face for who knows what reason.

After the movie marathon I walked back home since Bad Boy wanted to have a word with Baxter but inside I was wondering what they were going to speak about. Was it me? Because some part inside of me has a feeling it was. Why was Baxter so clingy and flirty round me and why was Bad Boy so jealous?

Bad Boy's P.O.V

What did Baxter think he was doing? He flirts with every breathing thing and treats women like objects and I admit I might sometimes but not like him. He has a heart of stone and makes girls fall for him and then he breaks their heart but I won't let him do that to Prankster, she's one of my best friends and I would hate her to go through pain.

As much as I loved Baxter as my best friend I would definitely have a word with him after this, but I wasn't jealous...well I was a bit but not a lot, but guy's get jealous all the time but it doesn't mean anything...right?


I decided to skip a week ahead since it would mean their relationship would be stronger and they already knew each other from child hood anyways! The next couple of chapters will be detention chapters which will be kind of short but sweet then there will be a big chapter! Votes and Comments will mean a lot :) Will be dedicated to the first voter of this chapter!


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