An Incredible Collection of Harry Potter One Shots

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Hey people, so I was on, and I came across a 100 one shot challenge, and I was like; Sure! Why not? Only I’m doing it with Harry Potter. They did it with Percy Jackson. Here’s the link to the Percy Jackson one:

So, I hope this inspires you too, and if any of you decide to do a 100 one shot challenge, whether it be for Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or anything else (ex. Not fan fictions), Then leave the link in the comment section. I plan on getting this done within a year. I’m crossing my fingers that I'll actually be capable of it.

I'm rating it PG, because some will be G, some may be PG-13 (in which case i will tell you in the authors note), but most will probably be around PG.

Just so you know, these one shots may have very little, nothing, or everything to do with other stuff I’ve written. I'll tell you in the author’s note of them. So, without further ado, here is the list of topics:

1. Introduction

2. Love

3. Light

4. Dark

5. Seeking Solace

6. Break Away

7. Heaven

8. Innocence

9. Drive

10. Breathe Again

11. Memory

12. Insanity

13. Misfortune

14. Smile

15. Silence

16. Questioning

17. Blood

18. Rainbow

19. Gray

20. Fortitude

21. Vacation

22. Mother Nature

23. Cat

24. No Time

25. Trouble Lurking

26. Tears

27. Foreign

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