Revenge is best served by two.

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Jake's POV -

Tobias stood and walked to the door silently before closing it over. He turned back towards me, his posture straight and his eyes dark.

"We kill him" he repeated and I stared at him in shock before laughing loudly.

"You want us to kill Amil?" I choked out and Tobias simply stared back at me, eyebrows raised. I stilled, my laughter dying out as I took in his serious facial expression.

"Holy shit Tobias, you're serious."

"Yeah, I'm serious" Tobias confirmed, walking over to my punching bag. I watched as he held it between his hands, letting it stand absolutely still before his arm flew backwards and he landed a heavy punch onto it. The bag flew back from the impact of his punch and I raised my brow at him, impressed by his force.

"Nice punch" I stated and he grinned at me.

"Just pretend this is Amil" he said, pointing to the bag.

"We beat the living crap out of him, let him die slowly... He doesn't stand a chance with the both of us" he explained his plan and I nodded registering his words.

"What about his family, his allies? You don't think they'll find us? People look for a dead man Tobias. Especially an important dead man."

"No, I don't think they'll find us. Think about it Jake, Amil has multiple enemies, the man's a walking target. There's too many people out there that want to see him dead, not just us."

I know he's right.

This wasn't the first time someone had plotted to murder Amil. However I also knew it wasn't as straight forward as it sounded.

"Amil has men constantly with him, he even shits with someone standing outside his bathroom door. He carries two guns on him and a knife strapped to his leg. You think we can beat that?" I asked, my confidence dropping.

"That's our advantage Jake. We know how he works, how his brain works. We know the in's and out's of the gang. We know what they plan to do and when they plan to do it. We can do this Jake! We can actually do this." Tobias said excitedly, his voice rising.

"I have a few men I trust who can help us if we need it, especially since you're injured. We need to do this as soon as possible Jake." Tobias added. The silence grew in the room as I thought hard about his proposition. Can we actually kill Amil? I'm not going to lie, the thought had crossed my mind multiple times. I also knew Tobias wanted his revenge on Amil and this would be a perfect chance for him to get it.

It would be the Melvin's against the bad guys. Just like the old days. Tobias and I, taking on the world. Despite how much Tobias hurt me, I miss him. I miss the unbreakable brotherly bond between us.

"Let's do it" I said quietly, my voice cold. It was time for revenge and revenge is definitely best served by two.

Tobias' POV -

"Ivory I need you to stay away from the house for a few days" I said firmly, throwing a wad of cash onto her bed.

"Pack a bag," I added before turning to leave the room. I heard her scoff loudly and turned to see her eyes wide with shock as she stared me out.

"You want me to leave my own house? No Tobias," she said angrily, kicking the money off her bed. It landed softly onto her bedroom carpet and I sighed, bending down to pick it up.

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