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Inspired by the fan art in the media.😍

"Ugh! Where is my shirt?!" The bluenette exclaims while searching through her closet, throwing out skirts, trousers, shorts, you name it.

"Ah. Here you are!" She sighed and took the plain white shirt out of her closet. Suddenly, there was a thump that came from outside, followed by a knock.

"It's open!" Marinette said while picking up the cloths her threw out minutes ago.

"Hello, Purr-incess. I have a wonderful evening planed fur us!" He paused and looked at the empty suitcase.

" Would you care explaining what all this is about?" Chat said while gesturing the suitcase on her chaise.

"Sorry, I'm busy right now. I'm going out of town tomorrow, but I'll be back in a few days. Okay, Chat?"
She asks while folding the shirt.

Nothing came from the boy, it was total silence. Marinette frowned and turned around. "Chat?"

She turned and saw her Kitty Cat tucked into her empty pink suit case, staring at her with his emerald green eyes.

She sighed and pulled out a spray bottle. "Out!" She yelled and squirt him while he hissed, while struggling to get out of the suitcase and away from the water.

Marinette laughed as Chat waved his hands in every direction, hissing and trying to get out. "Princess!" Chat yelled.

"Wow. That's the first time you didn't use your pun while saying my nickname." She giggled and squirt him some more.

"Did you know that cats hate water?" He shouted.

She ignored the statement and tried to say something but was cut off when a deep voice called. "I hope your packing and not playing video games, Marinette!"

"Uhhh. Okay, Papa!" She called back. "Chat get out! I have to pack!" She yelled to Chat, who stubbornly went back into the suitcase.

"No!" He stated firmly.

Marinette sighed. "Free cookies. For one week." She raied her palm.

"Deal!" Chat slapped her palm with his leather covered one and jumped out the trapped door.

"Stupid cat!" Marinette facepalmed.


First one shot! Whoa!

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