Explaining the Unexplainable

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I made my way to the living room and collapsed onto the couch, letting my bag slide to the floor. Shutting my eyes, I immediately felt sleep wash over me and I sighed contently, cuddling further into the soft fabric.

It had been a long day.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and scrolled down till I found Jake's number. I've thought about him all day, worried about what Amil had done to him. A pang of hurt jabbed into my chest as I realised I wasn't there for him. I wasn't there to care for him like he had done with me, I had left him when he needed me the most.

Hey, Ivory told me what happened, are you okay? -Em

I sent the text and nibbled on my bottom lip debating whether I should have put an 'x' at the end or not. I decided against it, not wanting to give him mixed signals but it felt so wrong not ending the text with the little sign of affection. Even though we weren't together anymore didn't mean I didn't care for him.

I love him, I would always love him.

He was my first love, my first everything.

I would always have a soft spot for him in my heart and even though I was hurting right now, I couldn't just abandon him. Moments passed and my phone buzzed causing me to jump in surprise. I could feel my heartbeat quickening up as I read over his reply -

Jake - Why do you care?

Emily - Of course I care, I can't turn my feelings off for you Jake.

Jake - You left me Muffin.

Emily - For good reason.

Jake - I know. Let me explain, please?

I sighed, re-reading his text. The last thing I could do is give him the chance to explain. I owed him that much at least. Holding the phone to my ear, I waited patiently for him to answer -

"Hey Emily."

"Hey, explain Jake," I said quietly, getting comfortable on the couch.

"Do we have to do this over the phone?" He asked, his voice low and deep. A small tingle travelled down my spine and I closed my eyes, trying to ignore it.

"Yes, you've got one chance to explain yourself Jake," I murmured in response. Seeing him face to face would only cause my emotions to fly off the handle and I couldn't do that, I had to be strong.

"I didn't know you were at the club."

I paused, my face contorting in utter confusion.

"That's your explanation?" I asked, bewildered at his attitude.

"Emily, you knew what I am before you got involved with me. You know I'm in a gang, you know I'm dangerous! Yet you still made me fall in love with you and then left me. I would never have hurt you, I was just doing a job."

My mouth hung open from his words -

"I made you fall in love with me? I didn't make you do anything, you turd!" I yelled, punching the couch cushion.

"You told me you didn't enjoy hurting people! You practically said yourself you wanted to leave the gang yet you're waltzing around with a flamin' gun, robbing clubs! I hate violence Jake! Actually scrap that... I despise it. I despise people who put fear in others, who abuse their power and belittle innocent people! You are just like Jones," I said painfully, clutching my forehead as I felt a strong headache brewing.

He was silent on the other side of the phone and I debated whether he was actually listening to me or not.

"Do you know how Jones ended up? Dead. That's the exact same way you'll end up Jake if you don't leave this cruel world you've got yourself wrapped into!" I pleaded with him desperately, my eyebrows scrunched together in desperation.

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