Destery Smith

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<Kaitlin's POV>

Pulling up to the house made my stomach turn and my wrists itch. I had been excited all morning but now that I'm actually here I had the sudden urge to turn around an wait till next year for Colledge. I took a deep breath and climbed out of my tiny little blue Honda. My first car. It's taken me so many places. And now here. To be honest I'm surprised I even got a response to that ad. I slowly trudged to the door. And knocked. I waited for what seemed like forever, hearing shuffling and giggles? Finally a really tall , skinny guy answered the door in just some skinny jeans showing off his rather attractive tattoos. Behind him a shorter guy stood there looking down at his feet. "Um, I'm Kaitlin your roomate?" I said slowly. "Oh! Yeah hey I'm Nathan and this is destrey" he said motioning to the shy boy. He invited me in and then showed me to my room, "And we will go and get the rest of your things for you." He finished. "Oh you don't have to do that I've got it, besides I've got more boxes being shipped here." I told him. "Nah it's okay we don't mind, we men, we lift heavy things for pretty lady!" He said in a caveman tone. It made me laugh and I agreed to let them collect my things. That Destery kid hasn't said one word to me.... Can't blame him though. Back in Tennessee I was picked on for being fat. All my friends would say I was 250lbs of awesomeness but all I saw was gross in the mirror. In middle and high I was bullied so I started cutting and haven't stopped. I've never had a boyfriend or a first kiss, and a guy has never even looked twice at me. Like I said gross.... I started to put away my things when there was a tap on my door. I opened it to find Destrey, head down with one of my boxes in hand. I took it from him and he abruptly left. Great I've disgusted one of my roommates. Already.

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