Adjusting Again Part 74

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17th June 2016. Some editing, additions and rearranging this chapter. Plus an added note at the end.

Jenny's POV...

I couldn't stop laughing. I know I shouldn't have, but it was so funny when it happened. I didn't think telling Daniel about another baby being on the way would be so difficult. Especially when I had just gone through something both physically and emotionally traumatic as this recent cardiac episode.

But before I told him anything, or even told anyone else for that matter, I wanted to be assured by the doctors that it was going to be okay. So that meant more tests and to be honest, I really was sick and tired of all the pokes and prods that came along with all those tests.

Plus I was still thinking of Jilly and what had happened back in Valencia between her and Micah. It was still a sore point with us and knowing that we have a grandchild out there that will never know us was disheartening to me and Daniel. So instead, I concentrate on the here and now.

But after a few days, the cardiologists all came to see me and we sat down together and had a chat about what I can do and what I can not do from that moment on where this pregnancy was concerned. Then they told me that it may be unlikely that I will even go to term anyway, before telling me that this baby will be the last one I will have. Ever.

They strongly suggested a tubal ligation or a TAH (Total abdominal hysterectomy) to prevent any further pregnancies, not that I would want any more anyway. I felt I was still recovering from the loss of the twin girls and coming to terms with this new pregnancy was just as hard. So telling Daniel all this was, I knew, going to be a shock for him.

It was just a matter of finding the right time to tell him when there wasn't anyone else around. I wanted that moment to be just about us two and as much as I loved everyone else, this was something I wasn't going to budge on. So it wasn't until we were back at Nan's house before we eventually left to go home.

As much as I would have loved to go down to Orange and visit everyone, my health has to come first now. But what did surprise me was what I found at the house that no one bothered to tell me.

Nan had signed over the house to Ma along with the whole of her inheritance that had been in trust until released. It had taken so long because of how emotional Nan was still about Bobbie.

She had been accessing it over the years for anything that came up that Ma needed when she was growing up including using it to pay for Ma's tuition when she went to university to get her degrees.

 But it was Poppa who told us that Nan still loved Bobbie and always would until she took her last breath. He understood that and wasn't ever going to make her choose between them both.

He loved her too. He was just too late  in realising it and when he did, his best friend had already married Nan. He didn't take second place as we all thought, he was loved by Nan  in a different way. Nan said she had ample space in her heart to love, like we all do.

"If I hadn't had loved Ron somewhat, I would never have allowed him close enough to make the twins. I just didn't know it until after Bobbie died." Nan said to us once about the men in her life at that time.

"Bobbie really was my first love and I would still be with him if he was alive today. But he's not. But Ron, he's my last love and I wouldn't have survived as much as I have, if it wasn't for him." She also said to us once after everything had settled down.

It made me wonder if Nan would even be here today if it wasn't for Poppa.

I have to admit though, Poppa is a really special man and I would imagine that his best friend was just as special too. Nan was certainly blessed for having two strong men in her life to love her.

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