Another Recovery Part 73

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Had to reedit this chapter to fit in with the others as well as other stories. 17/06/16

Jenny POV...

Slowly waking up was proving to be a problem since I was so tired and when I was able to open my eyes a little, I saw that I was back in my room at the Armidale hospital. Then I remembered why I was there.

My chest felt like it had been hit with a truck. A Mack truck at that, I thought with a groan.

Then I heard some movement beside me and slightly turning my head, I saw that it was a haggard looking Daniel sitting there staring at me. I don't think he could see that I was awake, or that I was staring back at him. He looked like he was in a world all of his own.

Lifting my hand, which took a great deal of strength on my part, let me tell you, I moved my hand to flop it against him arm which was leaning up and over my pillow. Of course that got his attention when he frowned and then blinked.

Still blinking his eyes, I slowly blinked mine back at him. The more he blinked, the more I blinked back at him. Then I licked my lips catching his attention letting him know that I was awake.

"Thirsty." I whispered to him with a very parched throat.

Then realising that I was awake, he stared at me with tears filling his eyes and rolling down his cheeks. Bending his head forward so that his forehead was touching mine, his shoulders began to shake with the sobs he couldn't hold back any more.

"I thought I lost you, Jen. I thought I lost you." He said in broken whispers to me as he then lifted his head to brush his lips across mine, gently sucking at my bottom lip before moving his mouth up my face to drop little kisses all over my face as he carefully moved his arms up and around me to very gently and carefully draw me closer to him.

"Thirsty." I croaked to him again, reminding him that I needed a drink of water.

But he just kept quietly sobbing as he lay against me. I guess I'll get a drink when he's good and ready and not before. So I just lay there and wait for him to calm down enough to speak again to him. In the meantime, I just kept licking my lips with my tongue which I ran over my lips every few seconds.

I don't know how long it was before I managed to get that sip of water and when I did, it wasn't from Daniel.

Feeling the tip of a straw at my lips, I opened my mouth to the straw and a moment later, I felt water drip down into my mouth.

"Thank you" I croaked in a voice that felt a little better now that it's had a bit of a drink.

Then I opened my eyes to thank whoever it was that gave me that drink and I looked up into the familiar eyes of my father, Graeme Roberts.

"I think I must be dreaming." I brokenly whisper as I blinked and tried to focus on his face as he looked down at me.

Lifting my hand up as much as I could, I felt his firm hand take hold of mine and lift it to his mouth where he kissed my hand as his shoulders too began to shake.

"We thought we lost you again lovey. We really did." My father said tome in a shaky voice.

"Am I dreaming?" I murmured to him thinking that I was dreaming. I must be since my real father was here.

"You're not dreaming, Lovey. It's not a dream. I'm really here and so are the others." My dad was quietly saying to me as he leaned in really close to speak to me.

I tried to move a bit but found that I couldn't. Daniel was making that impossible since he was practically laying on the bed beside me.

"He hasn't left your side, Love. Not for much anyway." Dad was saying to me as I managed to get one of my hands free to rub it over one of Daniel's arms that was laying across my lower waist.

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