Why Am I So Tired? Part 72

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Jenny's POV...

Going to another clinic with Ma was proving to be a bit nerve wracking. The last time I came to one, apart from follow ups and the surgery to have the scars reduced, was when I had my last pregnancy confirmed. Since Daniel and I haven't been intimate since I lost them until he came to America, I know that I could not be pregnant.

At least not until they can tell with a test that can confirm it after having sex for a week or so, but I doubt it. I just assume that I might be a little low in iron and will probably need to take a few daily capsules to boost my levels. It's all I can think of.

Anyway, it didn't take long before we pulled up at a clinic down town. The brown brick building didn't look very old, so I imagine that it was a fairly recent addition to the community.

After Ma opened the door, I walked into a very light and airy entrance where there was a reception desk on one side of the room and comfortable looking chairs on the other side. It looked like a very cheerful waiting room.

After walking over to one of the girls behind the counter, I introduced myself and was told to take a seat and the doctor will be right with me.

"Just so you know, I will be coming in with you this time, young lady." Ma said to me which I have to say surprised me somewhat.

She has gone all doctor on me now making me frown and wonder what she thinks will happen.

We didn't wait too long before the nurse called my name and asked us to follow her down the corridor and turned left into a second one before showing me to another room. This one was a change room where I was asked to change into one of those damn horrible gowns that leave a lot to be desired, I can tell you.

At least the color wasn't too bad these days.

A moment later, I was called into the doctors room where there was a doctor who was a bit older than Daniel. After motioning me to sit up on the examination table, he then motioned for Ma to sit on the chair near his desk.

"Allrighteo. My name is Doctor Blaine Gatting. What can I do for you today?" He asked me as he turned to look at me as he sat on his chair. I frowned when he said his name.

"I've been feeling extremely tired for a couple of months now. Nothing I am doing is helping." I said to him as he looked at me.

"You're not a local are you?" He asked me as he looked again at the chart which had nothing mentioned of it.

"Code 2003, alpha, whiskey , tango 206  foxtrot is my account that will take you into the AMA's medsite where you will find all my info." I said to him which had him turning around and after pressing a few buttons, we could see that he had logged into the  international medical site for doctors and patients that are entered there with all their information.

Then he sat back and started to read. A moment later he quickly turned around and leaned forward, startling me as he leaned in to kiss me. I have to say that shocked me as well as Ma.

"My father is Charles Gatting." He said to us with a smile before he turned back and used his mouse to move through the files until last years files came into view.

Then he started reading them again as he spoke.

"My father was struggling in the business when Dr Peters called him to book our plane. It seems that when Dr Peters had rung around all the flight companies up in the Territory, no one wanted to take him to River Ridge. There was another storm coming through and no one wanted to risk their planes." He was saying as he read through the medical reports.

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