Chapter 1

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  Soft rays of the early morning sun shone through the windows of the 3-E classroom, signaling the dawn of yet another school day. You placed your books that you carried in your arms onto your desk then sat down, yawning. You covered a hand over your mouth, trying to spare others from catching a glimpse of the sight of your less-than-attractive drowsy, yawning expression which even terrified you when you glanced into the mirror after you had woken from bed earlier. Just as you were about to yawn again, a vaguely-arrogant-sounding voice spoke up causing you to pause mid-yawn and your eyes to go wide.

"What's this, (Y/ N)-chan? Feeling sleepy already?" the voice that was all too familiar to you inquired. "You don't usually get sleepy until the last few periods... What was so exciting that was able to keep you up all night, huh?"

Your parted lips fell into a thin line as you clenched your jaw in irritation. Slowly and reluctantly, you turned around to meet the pair of mercury eyes that gleamed with malice which belonged to your class' sadistic redhead who was unfortunately also your seatmate. "Karma-kun," you spoke his name through gritted teeth. "Don't you think it's too sadistic, even for you, to be bothering grumpy people so early in the morning?" You shot him a death glare but he didn't seem fazed by it one bit.

Instead, the redhead ignored your question completely and acted as if you hadn't spoken at all, this only made your annoyance and anger towards him grow. "Let me guess, you were probably reading those dirty fanfics online, weren't you, (Y/ N)-chan?" he asked teasingly, his infamous smirk plastered across his face.

Once again, he had managed to make your face turn a bright shade of red as you resisted yourself from being consumed by the humiliation that was threatening to overtake you from Karma's mention of 'dirty fanfics'. "N-n-no!" you stuttered, embarrassment written clearly over your burning face which only amused the sadistic redhead even more. "A-a-and I d-don't read those things!"

"Oh, really?" his smirk grew and in a blink of an eye, your cellphone, which you'd put inside your skirt's pocket, was now in the hand of the sadistic redhead. "Well, we'll just see about that." He said and began searching for evidence in your phone. "It's actually a good thing that you don't clear your browser history, (Y/ N)-chan, it makes doing things like this much easier."

Your eyes widened immensely at the sight, shocked, but luckily you recovered moments later as you decided to tackle the redhead while screaming, "GIVE THAT BACK, YOU SADISTIC TOMATO!"

"Crap! (Y/ N), get off of me!" Karma yelled, the smirk entirely gone from his face as he struggled to get you off of his back which you'd latched yourself onto, attempting to snatch your phone back from his outstretched hands.

"Not until you give me back my phone!" you shouted back and unfortunately into his right ear. His eye twitched from your thoughtless action and he let out a groan in both pain and exasperation. You reached your right arm out towards your phone that was gripped securely in Karma's hand while you grasped around the redhead's neck with your left arm, reducing the risks of you falling butt-first onto the cold classroom floor. But you noticed that you might've accidentally put a bit more strength into your left arm than you'd intended when you heard faint chocking noises erupt from the redheaded male.

"C-crap, (Y/ N)! Y-you're choking m-me!" he choked and his free hand flew onto your left arm around his neck, pulling and endeavoring to break free from your unintended chokehold. "Give me my phone back first!" your left arm remaining in its place, unmoving and you waited with knitted eyebrows for the redhead to return your precious piece of technology back to you.

"Damn it, (Y/ N)! You're so freaking stubborn!" he groaned, still in the midst of struggling to free him from your horrible grasp. "Just shut up and give me back my phone already, you little-" you started but halted when you heard someone speak from beside. You immediately ceased your actions of getting your phone back and strangling Karma in the process when you recognized whom that voice belonged to. You've removed yourself from Karma and turned to face the ever-friendly face of the male who'd spoken, flashing him your best smile as a way of greeting.

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