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The city was destroyed. Buildings crumbled to the ground, rubble littered the streets. The fires that had spread through the streets had been put out finally but ash still hung in the air, along with the stench of blood. Thousands had died in the battle, innocent people that couldn't protect themselves from Zoom. Fathers, mothers and children were alone, losing loved ones in the chaos. 

Star City was practically ruined, everything it had once been was gone. 

I stood on the top of the roof now, the same rooftop Margo had been upon, watching the destruction below. I had seen her from the street, frozen in place while the city burned. Instead of seeing yellow and orange flames now, I saw people gathering in the streets, the clean up of the city starting. 

"The Starling Battle, huh?" Roy's hand were buried deep within his pockets, his shoulders hunched over slightly as he moved towards me. I noticed the deep gash across his forehead with a matching bruised eye. 

I sighed, my hands running up my arms as a breeze flooded the rooftop. "Margo wasn't wrong,"

Roy stepped closer, "Why did you suppose she called it that and not the Star City Battle then?"

I had been thinking the same thing for days now. "Star City on her earth is called that or at least was, maybe that's why. Because to her, this city was known by that name and well, she caused the battle. It was her choice, she named the battle in the end. Or the beginning, I don't know..." I let the sentence drop, my voice sounded rough to my ears. 

"She must blame herself," Roy said quietly. 

I had seen that look on her face, that sheer blame in her eyes even from the street. I didn't know Margo Phillips all that well but I knew the weight of this was set upon her shoulder forever more. "I don't blame her, neither should you." I turned to face him, my eyes taking in his cuts and bruises. 

Roy shook his head. "I don't blame her." 

"You don't?"

"If we had been put in her position by Zoom," Roy went on. "If we had to choose between our own city, our family and friends. I would have picked the same. She's not to blame for Zoom's actions. She was just caught in the crossfire."

I nodded, he wasn't wrong. Even though our own city was destroyed, our own people dead, I couldn't hold a grudge against someone who really wasn't given much of a choice. Margo was the hero of her own city, saving lives but it was Zoom who had destroyed our home and killed thousands. 

Roy stepped in closer, his hand brushing the hair from my eyes. I felt my body freeze at his soft touch and remembered the fear that ran through my bones when I thought he was dead. "We should talk about that kiss, if you're not too busy right now."

A grin played on my lips and I shrugged playfully, "Why talk about it when I can just do this?"

Before Roy could open his mouth to question anything I stepped in close, my hand was twisting in his shirt and pulling him in. My lips touched his, creating butterflies in my stomach. Roy didn't hesitate, his hands threading around my waist and tilting his head sideways to deepen the kiss.

"Does that answer your question?" I asked, pulling away.

Roy wordlessly nodded. 

With his hands still around my waist, we stared out into the distance over our city. We had been beaten, our walls crumbling and blood being spilled. Star City might be in ruins at the moment but as a city we would rebuild, creating a new city from the ashes of the old. Start fresh and grow into something new.

We would rise again. But this time, we would do it together. 



A big massive thank you to all you wonderful readers that stayed loyal to the story. I know it was a bit crazy and sort of unfair to shove Fight For Me into the mix with my The Flash books. I know a few readers dropped off, giving up on Violet and Roy. But, if you're reading this, you didn't give up. So, personally thank you for sticking around. I'm hoping you enjoyed the story and sadly, I won't be doing a sequel based on Violet and Roy. Their story on its own will end here but who knows, we might see some familiar faces show up sooner or later with Margo and Barry?

Thank you again for reading and goodnight/day x

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