18 - The City of Fire [Part 2]

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Flames ripped through the streets in front of us. Walls of orange and yellow flames, heading right down the main streets of the city. I stared at the sky, seeing the roaring clouds of smoke reaching towards the heavens. Terror and fear filled the city, people running to save their own skins. 

I pulled Roy backwards as a crowd dashed passed us, blood dotting skin and clothing ripped. I glared around, feeling heat on my cheek as a figure roared through the air, bright flames coming from his hands. The metahuman was burning everything in sight; buildings, cars, houses and shops. "What the hell?" Roy muttered, turning around and watching the fire throwing metahuman. 

Before I knew it, I was running, head first into the flames. People knocked passed me while screaming and shouts filled my ears. I push myself to go faster, running through the streets. Chaos circled around me but I couldn't stop. I didn't know if Roy was following me, I didn't care. Ruined cars were flipped over, fires burning through open windows. I spotted bodies, some lying on the ground while others were trapped in cars. All around me metahumans that worked for Zoom were destroying everything in sight. Tears blurred my eyes but I kept going. 

I stopped outside my office building. Ruby, Douglas and my father knew this was the one place where we would meet if something ever happened. As I went towards the doors I stopped, something catching my eye. 

My head tilted upwards, seeing a familiar figure standing upon the top of Queen Consolidated. A man dressed in black, a blue flashing light surrounding him. 


The air in my lungs dried up seeing the man that had terrorised another city, killing thousands of people, including my mother. A blinding rage went through my veins, seeing the man who had taken my mother away from me. The man who had taken many mothers and fathers and children from people. I went forward, ready to run towards the roof when I spotted someone else, another person joined him on the roof. A person I had only ever met once but could never forget.

Margo Phillips. 

A hundred questions raced through my mind, wondering why she wasn't on her own Earth, wondering why she would be standing next to Zoom. Then I heard her words flashing through my head. I remember words she talked about; about a city falling, bodies littering the streets as flames ruined a city.

The Starling Battle. 

I turned around, forgetting all about Margo and about the visions she had seen, the way she was the reason behind it. The city around me was burning. I saw bodies, still and lifeless. I felt hot tears spring my eyes, watching as my city burned. The ground shook for a moment, vibrating beneath my feet. I stared up seeing a building tipping over. The roar of concrete falling to the ground filled my ears. 

Margo had been predicted to save one city, another would fall.

 This was it. This her future and my own. 

I didn't know what was happening on that rooftop but it didn't matter now. Zoom's work had already been done. I could only assume he had made her choose between her own world and this one. It didn't matter now though, the city was being destroyed and there wasn't much I could do to stop it, even with my own powers. 

I heard as the sliding doors behind me opened, my vision filled with my family. Ruby's arms were wrapped around me quickly, tears running down her face. I found Roy among the crowd too, following me here even in his state. 

"Thank God you're alright," Ruby was saying, her arms still wrapped around my shoulders. But I wasn't looking at her, my eyes fell upon Laurel Lance, her face smeared with black soot and blood. She was supposed to be leaving for her honeymoon today. Ruby stepped back, sensing my sudden drop in mood. 

My dad was standing next to Laurel, looking rather glum. "What happened?" I questioned. 

Laurel's eyes flickered upwards, meeting my heavy gaze. "Tommy's dead." She said, her voice low. I heard a familiar rage sitting in her throat. I didn't know what to say in that moment but all I wanted to do was reach for her and tell her everything was going to be alright. But honestly, I didn't know if they would be. 

Suddenly someone was at my side, striking me backwards. I was pulled to the ground, a woman towering over me. He eyes were turned white and I noticed the glow of her hands. I wiggled underneath her as she pinned her body against my own. It had happened so fast that I didn't even get to try and push her off when she was going flying, her body hitting the pavement of the footpath as an ear piecing scream filled my eyes. My eyes shifted, seeing Laurel hovering a few meters back, her shoulders pushed forward and her mouth wide open, a blast of power seeping into the air around us. 

When she stopped screaming, I saw the darkness in her eyes. "You're a metahuman, Laurel?" Douglas asked quickly.

Laurel turned back to face him. "Call me, Black Siren." 

The shock didn't last long among the group, not when there was a whole army of Zoom's metahumans just meters away from us, tearing down the city we called home. Roy loomed over me, slipping is hand in my own and heaving me to my feet. "What are we going to do?" He asked.

I turned back to everyone, knowing there was only one thing we could do now. "Help everyone you can find," I told them quickly, taking charge. "Get them indoors, into safety." 

Star City was gone. Our city was nearly gone, nothing but ash and fire now. The City of Fire stood tall in its place. 

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