17 - The City of Fire [Part 1]

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I dragged myself to my feet, feeling the cold burn of Killer Frost's power working its way into my bloodstream. I watched as Roy dangled from her cold hand, his face turning blue from her killer ice. Something clicked within me, something I had never felt before. I had felt anger, a terrible rage that fuelled my pain. I had felt heartbreak, heavy and draining. But this feeling was worse, a mixture of them both flooding through my body. 

"Let him go." I growled at her, knowing my voice was low with a threat. I felt my power resting in my hand, burning alive. 

Killer Frost tilted her head to the side, her lips pouting. "You don't like me playing with your things?" She asked, rather mockingly. 

Roy struggled against her still, his eyes meeting my own. I saw the fear resting in them, knowing that this might be the end of everything. I dragged my eyes back to her face, almost swearing at her. Her hand squeezed tighter, ice trickling from her fingertips. I could see the light draining from his eyes, the colour fading in his face. Without thinking I moved forward, jerking my hand towards her. A flare of colour roared from my hands, something that had never happened before. The orange sparks hit her chest, her body jerking backwards. Roy's body dropped, hitting the wet ground with a heavy sound. I skidded to the ground, the wetness grazing my knees as I reached for him. My hands still burned from power but I hovered over him, my hand resting on his cheek. His eyes were firmly closed, his lips tinted blue. 

"Roy?" I shook his arm, trying to wake him. 

I twirled back to Killer Frost who was getting to her feet, her eyes glaring down at me. "What did you do to him?" I screamed out. 

Dark Rain was still behind me, watching with a keen eye. When Killer Frost didn't speak, didn't move I turned on him. My hand shot out, the same sparks striking him down. His body crumbled downwards, his head lolling back against the hard concrete. I turned back to Killer Frost, her eyes watching my flaming hands. "Where did you learn to do that?" She asked, sounding slightly weary. 

I didn't know, honestly. I had never been able to create sparks of orange energy from my fingertips, it was more of a fizzle of energy but not anymore. I didn't tell her that though. "You want a war, you're getting it." I snarled. 

A fearful pain sat in my chest as I stepped towards her, seeing Roy's body lying on the ground, still and cold. Killer Frost's facade dropped, her face falling as she realised she was out numbered. Dark Rain had dropped, maybe dead, I didn't know. But I knew he wasn't moving anytime soon. "This isn't my war," She started. "Zoom started this and I'm just carrying out his orders."

I was fuming, my eyes narrowing at her. "Why? Why follow his every order?"

Killer Frost's eyes were watching my hands. "Because he's Zoom." 

I huffed out a scoff but deep down I knew her excuse was just. I had seen the way Zoom had caused chaos in Central City, he had terrorised and destroyed that city. I noticed the way her voice shook speaking about him. "Where's your lapdog?" I asked quickly.

Killer Frost paused. "He's dead. Zoom killed him."

I almost felt sorry for her. Suddenly Roy stirred, his body jerking to the side. I forgot all about Killer Frost, racing back to his side and dropping to my knees. His face was still pale, his breathing shallow. "Roy?" I started, my thumb stoking down his cheek. "Can you hear me?"

Killer Frost watched us, not moving and not speaking. "Roy, please..." I was saying, pleading. His whole body was radiating coldness, chilling my own hands that rested on his face. A burning hot tear slid down my face, knowing how fragile the human body was.

"Wake up," I told him. "Wake up, dammit."

I shook his body, hoping some movement might stir his bones, creating enough heat to wake him up. I felt a bubble of emotion resting on my chest, ready to pour out and reveal to the world that I wasn't as strong as I pretended. "Don't leave me," I whispered, pleaded with the heavens that Roy Harper wasn't dead. I moved my finger tips to his pulse, his skin still cold to touch. I breathed out a sob, waiting to feel his heartbeat. 

I waited, nothing happening. I glanced back at his face, my bottom lip trembling. 

Margo Phillips had lost her own Roy Harper. 

And now I was. 

Suddenly, something throbbed against my fingertips. Faint but there. I leaned in closer, running a hand down his face. Tears splashed down onto his shirt, a laugh escaping my lips. "You're alive, come on."

I saw the flutter of eye movement, then the way his lips moved. "Is this when you kiss me again?" Roy's voice was faint but his words painted a smile on my face. 

I hit him lightly against his chest, his eyes open now. "You gave me a heart attack. You know that right?" I hissed out but my voice was light.

Roy strained to push himself up, "Well, at least I know I got the girl."

I rolled my eyes, glancing back over my shoulder and finding Killer Frost gone. Typical.

I helped him to his feet, his body still chilled. I threaded his arm around my shoulders and helped him hobble into the main street. That's when we heard the screams, echoing through the distance. "What's going on?" Roy asked, his forehead creased with confusion. 

I glanced around quickly, the main street through the city was crowded with citizens. All running in the opposite direction, a roar of sound coming from everyone as they fled. I turned around, staring in the opposite direction from the crowd running. My heart dropped in my chest, my breath leaving my lungs. 

"Oh my God," I choked out. 

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