14 - Wedding Dates

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The holidays had come and gone, the excitement and jolly of Christmas and the New Year over. This week had gone by in a blur and now the day of the big wedding was upon us. 

Ruby had locked me in the bathroom for half the day; curling my hair, painting our nails, waxing our legs and getting creative with our makeup. It had been a long process, one I wasn't particularly thrilled about but didn't complain when I stepped out of the bathroom in my new navy dress and saw the face of Roy Harper. He had decided to arrive early as we had agreed it would be a fine idea to all go together to the wedding, a double date. The thought wasn't sucking the life out of me today which meant something was definitely wrong with me. 

"Woah, you look...beautiful." Roy breathed out. I wasn't the type of girl to go all mushy over one simple word, one little compliment over my appearance but his comment tickled my insides and I was blushing like little girl. 

I brushed it off as best as I could. "You scrub up alright too, Harper." He was looking extremely dashing in his fine black suit, his hair had even been styled. 

Ruby and Douglas were standing across from us, hiding their grins. I eyed Ruby, her black dress hugged her thin body perfectly, some might say it was too sexy to wear to a wedding but she didn't care. I watched as Douglas threaded his arm around her waist, nesting his head in the crock of her neck. She playfully pushed him away, batting his hands from her hairline. "Are we ready?" I snipped towards them. "Or do you two need another twenty minutes to calm down?"

Douglas gave me a mocking grin but grabbed Ruby's purse and headed towards the door, Ruby following right behind him. Roy was standing a few inches from me, his eyes lingered on my face. "How were your holidays?" I asked quietly, my fingers fiddling with the necklace around my neck.

His eyes shinned in the warm afternoon light as he led me towards the door. "It was fine. Holidays aren't very welcoming in my family, too many guests that don't share the joy. What about you?"

I paused, thinking about my own holiday events. Christmas had been spent with my father, drinking cheap eggnog and watching crappy holiday specials on television. He had gone all out this year and cooked a turkey too. Then I had rang in the New Year with Ruby and Douglas at a club downtown. Thea Queen had made a special appearance, her drunken dancing was something one could not escape. With my happy memories in mind, I nodded across at him as he held open the door, letting me pass through. "It was good, fine mostly. I spent New Years with Ruby and Douglas, getting drunk and regretting it the next morning."

Roy chuckled, "I bet." 

I hadn't seen him in a week and I hoped my heart would stop beating so fast when he was around, hoping a little space might clear my head. It hadn't. 

He helped me into the back of the car, closing the door with a quick wink that made my insides crumble. Ruby gave me a quick look, her lips pulling up into a smirk that I knew all too well. I patted down my dress without looking at her. "You're wrong." I whispered across at her.

She leaned in closer, her voice a whisper in my ear. The two boys were sitting in the front, talking about some football game that had happened recently. It was comforting, seeing the two boys actually getting along. Not that I should really care. "I am never wrong, Violet."

I was shaking my head, keeping my eyes glued to the window, watching the houses zoom by in a blurred colour. 


I met up with my father after the long ceremony, his date laughing at something he was saying. The ceremony was beautiful, both Laurel and Tommy shared their own vowels and exchanged rings as the normal amount of sniffled tears went through the seated crowd. I had to pass Ruby a bunch of tissues because she was sobbing that hard at the happy occasion.  

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