Teasers for Chapter 23

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Chapter 23
The Conflicting Life of Khushali Mehra
(Chapter name might be changed later)

Teaser 1 →

"Unfortunately, Sagar didn't die in that car accident, Khushali, he couldn't have died in it," said Jay grimly, looking at Khushali in a sympathetic manner. The look on Khushali's face was enough to make any kind human, become empathetic toward Khushali.

"What ... what are you saying, Jay?" asked Khushali bewilderedly, unable to comprehend the information provided by Jay, just few moments later when she came to know the truth.

"He had died a horrendous death apart from it being untimely and undeserving, Khushali," whispered Mayera gently. "The car accident was only a show, which we came to know just a while back. It was staged to kill two birds with one stone."

Khushali still couldn't understand anything. So, far she was able to digest everything that these four people narrated to her, but this wasn't easy for her accept.
With her bloodshot eyes, she stared at Sidharth for an explicit explanation. But it seemed as if he vowed himself from breaking his silence. Hence, he continued to stare at the wall with his undivided attention.

"He was already dead, Khushali, when that car collision took place. That car collision was only planned to make his death appear as a road accident, when the truth is, he was murdered few hours before it," said Arjun, with either fury or pity, Khushali couldn't guess, nor did she care.

Because as soon as Khushali heard this revelation, her body froze and her heart started to bled for her deceased love. The only thing she could feel at that moment was despise and hatred for Vivan, of such intensity that she had never felt for anyone else ever before!
Is this what greed does to people?
"Your this reaction was the reason, I never could muster up the courage to confide in you about Sagar's death," said Sidharth gently, finally looking at Khushali, who now seemed like a lifeless statue.

But it didn't bring any change in Khushali's state, because in this moment she was not Khushali Sidharth Mehra, rather she was again the bereaved Khushali Kapoor, the girl who loved Sagar irrevocably with her everything. The only thing that she could feel now, was all the love for Sagar, which she had locked in a chamber of her heart long back to accommodate Sidharth in her heart and her life.


Teaser 2 →

It's been hours since Khushali came back from Mayera's house, but neither could she accept the truth nor could she erase it from her mind. All she wanted to do was to find her Sagar, wherever he was, and hug him with all her might to bring him back to life, the life he deserved to live with her and his family, but instead he was made to give it up ruthlessly at the hands of his merciless brother.

Having restrained herself from breaking down infront of Sidharth and his friends, Khushali broke down into hysterical tears. It was now when she finally allowed herself to lament over Sagar's death, which she hadn't done before, partly because of her family and partly because she couldn't come to terms with Sagar's death. But now, there was nothing holding her back or her tears.

Her body seeming like a corpse, she walked upto her closet. But before she could reach it, her eyes fell on the familiar figure in the mirror. The figure in the mirror was of a woman with dishevelled clothes and messy hair, her face paler than the cold snow. But there was something in the figure which resided the mirror, that angered Khushali, to such extent that she wished she could kill the woman. But only if she could!


Teaser 3 →

With the clicking sound of the door, Khushali frantically stuffed all her prized possessions inside the wooden box. She hurriedly rushed toward the closet, but stopped dead on the track when she heard what Sidharth spoke to her.

"How long are you planning to lie to me, Khushali? Don't you trust me enough to final tell me your secrets, yet?"

Unlike all the previous times, Sidharth's voice was deprived of his usual liveliness. His voice seemed vanquish and doleful, which astonished Khushali, who had never witnessed this Sidharth.
She turned to look at him, but it only pierced her heart. And finally, it occurred to her how selfish she had been, right from the start.

The man infront of her wasn't the charismatic and happy-go-lucky guy, she had married and later learnt to love. He was a broken man, with only tears in his despair filled eyes and the palest colour of skin. He wasn't the ever-so-confident Sidharth, he was a miserable man, crestfallen and forlorn.

"I u-understand that i-it was h-hard f-for y-you to t-tell the t-truth i-infront of o-others ... but ... please don't t-torture me m-more now, Khushali. I g-gave up e-everything I h-had to g-get Sagar his justice, and y-you, a l-life which you deserved, but I never knew it would leave me empty-handed. I don't have anything with me, Khushali, not even your love. Because I know, even after your c-claims of loving me, the matter of the truth is ... you still love Sagar and not me. I don't fit anywhere in your life."

Although his words stabbed her heart pitilessly, it was his voice and the broken look on his face and the sobs that followed, which killed her, the wife in her at last taking the dominance. It hit her finally, the man she had considered as the strongest man in her life, from she drew her strength, could also break and become weakest human with the most disconsolate and wrecked heart.


Teaser 4 →

Maybe, it was the weakness of the moment, or maybe it was the desperate need of both Khushali and Sidharth to feel loved, that neither wished to let go of the other tonight.

With the rhythmic movement of their lips, the only thing they needed was each other. No truths and no lies, just each other and their unconditionl love. The rest of the world and its worries, didn't bother them now, nor did they wish to let it break them apart from each other.

Out of breath, both finally parted, yet not ready to let go of each other. With their glassy eyes and tear-stained faces, they stared at each other with their lips still few inches away. If Khushali was broken, so was Sidharth, and both of them knew they needed nothing but their love to fix each other up.

With few swift movements, both were on the bed now. Slowly, their lips found each other again, while their hands continued to explore each other. For now, their surroundings, their situations, their conflicts and everything else faded away, it was just Khushali and Sidharth. They didn't need anything else, for becoming each other's completely and in every sense!

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