VA 16

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Pag dating nila sa Condo ni Anne ay laking gulat nila dahil andun si Erwan sa tapat ng pintuan.Kitang-kita sa mukha nito ang inis at taka.

Anne: What Are you doing here?
Erwan: What?! I wanna ask you, what is HE (Turo kay Vhong) doing here? And where did you go? Now answer me! I've been waiting here just to see you and ask you if how are you and now.... Urgh! Anne!
Anne: Can you please stop! Let's go inside, first.
Erwan: No?! I want your answer now! What are you both doing?!
Anne: Nothing! Vhong and i were friends, is there something wrong?
Erwan: Yes! Coz' i don't believe in you, look! You were both holding your hands while walking, so now, what's the meaning of this!?
Anne: You are the one who's giving malice in all our actions,Erwan, Sincerely, I wanna tell you this... I'm so tired of this kind of relationship.we have to broke up, and that's my final decision.
Erwan: But Anne.....
Anne: Thank you for everything, for the love, care, and trust you gave me, this is my last I LOVE YOU but as a friend (abot ng kanang kamay)
Erwan: (bigla niyang niyakap si Anne) Thanks for everything, i hope ahmm...... Friend? (Abot ng kanang kamay)
Anne: Friends (abot din ng kaliwang kamay)
Erwan: Bro! I'll trust you, make my friend happy 😃,
Vhong: Ok bro, thank you..
Erwan: Ok i have to go, Bye! 😃
VhongAnne: Bye!

Yehey! Break na sila, pero dunudugo parin ilong ni Author 😂

My ANNIE (Honey) VABasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!