Chapter 30 | Survival mode

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Yeah that doesn't exactly happen ... But close enough.

Please read: The parts with Emma and Joel, are actually based off of a true story, of something I actually just found out happened to my grandma! (Except his intentions were different.) So if you think how he "gets knocked out" is cheesy - Just note that I wrote that according to a real event in honor of My grandma who past away when I was a couple months old. :'( And As well as what Killian does with Emma... If you think that's some tough love... I was following what happened in the same true story XD

Sorry for the late update! My iPad locked me out, and I had OF COURSE wrote this chapter up in my iPad notes, not on watty... So I couldn't get to it through my phone  :/ But I'm back now!

Could be considered an M rated chapter.

Wohooo guys! Oh my gosh I cried when I saw we got to 16k, thank you so much... I honestly never thought Shots Fired would make it this far! So to celebrate...... *shoots confetti gun* Here is a 7k chapter!

Driving to Central park after dinner with Joel, she feels relaxed. The wine Emma had iscalming her nerves as she sits in the shotgun seat of his black SUV; Wearing a light blush pink satin dress that's rather fitting, with lace straps running over her shoulders. The car lurches to a stop as he parks not far from the shimmering lake, turning on the radio, when her phone buzzes.

It's Killian texting her again, asking how the evening is going. She begins to reply with something that will hopefully make him jealous, telling him how wonderful Joel is and how romantic he's been.... But as soon as her thumbs start hitting the keys she swears she hears the faint sound of a click signaling the doors all around her to lock.

No, she dismisses. This doesn't really happen to people like me. But Emma finds the beat of her heart picking up, instincts screaming at her as she tries to play off her concern coolly while she stares into her phone screen. Slyly she figures she will just glance slowly at the lock on her door and go from there, she's probably just overthinking this anyways and she doesn't want Joel to think she's acting suspiciously.

Her eyes scan over to the door handle, it's hard to make it out in the darkness but then she sees what she's looking for - It's Locked. Turning her head around to Joel because maybe he just bumped the switch with his elbow - She does that all the time. She's met by a look that immediately pangs her, he's leaning over the car console inching closer to her. Mad, Wide eyes and a crazed sickening expression marring his face as a telling smirk festers on his features; This is not good. And Emma wants to scream.

But she can't. Her voice is gone.

Fear and shock work hand in hand as a scream lodges itself on the edge of her parted lips. But it never comes, it doesn't have time to. Dying out in her throat that if he gets his way, is mere seconds away from being silenced permanently. Her scarred eyes flicker to something gleaming in his left hand, its revealed to her that he's holding a long blade reflecting of the moonlights glare through the windshield. He pulls the knife closer. "I know who you are Emma swan, And I know what you do..."

Emma goes stiff, cold panic rising up within her but she's frozen. She can't move. "And my name is not - Joel Mitchell... But that's all you need to know."

For a split second Emma blinks, her eyes cinched tightly shut as she feels subtle tears begin their rebellious trek down the slops of her cheeks. And her heart just falls, like it's been poured out and soaked into the interior of his leather seats.

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