Cheating with Mahone {Austin}

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Dirty/Cheating for PeaceLoveAkwardness.

Austin Pov:

"Alright Taylor. I love you bye" I hung up and threw the phone on my dresser. I pulled off my clothes and walked toward the bed where memori was waiting for me.

"what's wrong" she raised her eyebrows.

"she is gonna be here in half an hour" I said hovering over her.

"we can't have our hour" she frowned.

"yes we can" I smirked.

She lit up in confusion and I got us under the cover and positioned myself at her entrance. I rubbed the tip of Clark over her entrance teasingly looking at her.

"no teasing Austin" she groaned.

I continued to tease her and she was about to say something(my song :p). But I stopped her.

"get in-" I have slammed into her without warning.

I put both hands beside her head on each side and began thrusting. Her soft moans had filled the room while my grunts did.

Taylor pov: (his ex in real life Well you know).

I walked into the house and heard Austin moaning. What the hell. Maybe he is pleasuring himself.

I walked up the stairs and heard the bed squeeking. Is he cheating.

Memori pov:

"Faster baby go faster" I screamed.

"like that baby Huh you like that Memori " he moaned going faster.

"yes baby ugh, I'm almost there" My nails dug into his backs and before I knew I was at my high.

"Austin......Ughhhh" He climaxed soon after filling me up with his love juices.

Austin flopped down beside me and kissed me. He looked me in the eyes.

"I love you Memori will you be my girlfriend." he entwined our fingers.

"what about Taylor." I asked playing with his hair.

"you can have him" Taylor said busting in.

"shit" I murmured.

"how could you Austin" Taylor said crying.

"I'm sorry I can't help who I fall for. I love her Taylor. I'm sorry" he said and she slapped him and left crying.

9 months later:

'Austin Mahone ex Taylor was sewn leaving Justin biebers house everyday since 10 months ago'

"babe did you know she was cheating on you" I asked as Austin held Annastaisa, our 1 Month old baby.

"well know I do, but I knew something was up always coming home late. but I could care less. I have you and Annastaisa. That's all I need" he said kissing her forehead.

"actually me, her and another" I smiled.

"were having another baby" he smiled. I nodded and he held me and Annastaisa.

"I love my girls and u baby" he poked my stomach.

"we love you to" I said kissing him.


made for PeaceLoveAwkward. I hope you liked it. sorry that it's short. Did I spell your name wrong.

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