~First Time~

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Slendy had taken you to a beautiful spot in the woods.
You were both sitting on a large, smooth rock in front of a lake that was lit up by
the reflection of the moon's light.
"____...." You looked up at Slendy, who was now hovering over you.
"You are like the moonlight to my night sky, the sparkling water to my river, the Hoody to my Masky..."
You chuckled at the Masky and Hoody reference.
"....And the beauty to my world." He finished. He pecked your lips and pulled you close to him.
"And tonight I want to show you that. Right here...Right now..."

BEN Drowned

"Ugh you suck!" You were attemtping to play Majoras Mask again but BEN  was
having the time of his life just scaring the hell out of you.
You were finally about to win against your opponent when BEN popped out of the screen
and landed on you, making you both roll backwards until he had you pinned down.
You were both laughing harder than ever but it soon faded to silence.
BEN stared at you straight in the eye with a blank face.
"I love you ___." He mumbled. You gave a soft smile.
"I love you too BEN..." You whispered before he tilted his head down towards
you and gave you a passionate kiss.

Jeff the Killer

You were both insanely drunk and the island in the middle of the kitchen
was littered with shot glasses and empty bottles.
Jeff was whispering seductive words into your ear, making you giggle like mad.
His lips left your ear and moved onto yours.
What was supposed to be a drunken peck on the cheek turned into much more.
He lifted you you up so you sat on his waist and swiped the bottles and shot glasses off the island
before laying you both down on it and starting
a very heated makeout session~.

Eyeless Jack

You and Jack were arguing about dinner plans
and things weren't going too well.
You stomped into your room and began trying to distract yourself by cleaning up a bit when you felt
someone grab you and push you onto your bed.
You finally looked up and saw it was Jack.
"I love you ___..." Was all he could say before his lips met yours.
"I love you too..." You mumbled through pleasured kisses.


Masky was helping you prepare dinner which made you
suspicious since he only helped you when there was either bad news or a special occasion.
"Masky is something...wrong?" You asked cautiously.
He stared at you for a moment before getting up and taking your hand in his.
Before you knew it, you were both in the bedroom.
"Nothing is wrong at all ____~"
You watched him lift up his mask to reveal his lips before they were pressed against yours.


You were both watching TV together in silence while you held eachother's hand.
"I love you Hoody." You said randomly, not taking your eyes off the TV.
Hoody turned his head towards you but didn't say a word.
There was a long moment of silence before you were suddenly pounced on.
You finally registered everything and found out that it had been Hoody who pounced!
Before you could ask him about anything, his lips were already trailing down your neck~

Lost Silver

"____....I-I really...really...really...really...love you..."
He was staring at the ground and shifting around.
"A-and I looked up on how I could prove it to you and it um..it read uh.....l-love making..."
Your eyes widened and blushed at the thought of it all. Silver glanced up at you then quickly returned his gaze
to the floor again. "S-so I was wondering if we should try...b-but that's only if you want to!"
You thought about it for a long time before giving Silver a small smile, which he hesitantly returned,
and took his hand in yours. "I would love to..." He whispered.
He pecked your nose and carried you up the stairs ridal style to your room~


You were bored on a rainy day so you two decided to try a staring contest.
After nearly 45 seconds, Red finally blinked and you began laughing at his rage fit.
"Why you little-!" He pounced onto you and made you scream in both shock and laughter.
"Don't hate the player, hate the game!" You giggled.
"Not possible!" He laughed as he left trails of kisses all over your neck and face.
You were both in laughing fits until he kissed your lips
and things began getting heated.

Dark Link

You were working around the house all day and you were exhausted.
You stumbled into your room to find that Dark had fallen asleep in your bed.
You smiled at him sleeping body and decided to lay next to him.
You slipped under the covers with him and watched his sleeping face. You loved how his mouth slightly
hung open and his white hair covered his eyes.
You kissed him goodnight and before your could pull
away, you felt two arms wrap around you.

Laughing Jack

You two were sitting in the middle of the living room debating on
which candy was the best.
"No way that thats the best! This one is way sweeter!" You proclaimed, holding up your favorite candy.
"Well...In all honesty...I think you're my favorite candy ___~" Jack said smoothly.
You blushed at his words and before you knew it you were both in a
heavy makeout session.


"Thanks for helping me babe!"
"No problem!" You laughed.
You were helping Smiley organize his tools, and apparently, that meant a lot to him.
You were organizing a drawer of his when you felt someone hug you from behind.
"You've really been a big help..."
You shivered at his warm breath on the back of your neck.
"I think I owe you something now~"


"I am so done with you Sonic!" You shouted from the kitchen.
"Right back at cha, dumbass!" Sonic shouted after you from the living room as you stomped to your room.
Sometimes Sonic took his words way too far and made you cry...like now.
You were crying into your pillow until you felt someone hovering over you.
"I'm sorry baby...." He whispered in your ear.
"Can I make it up to you~?"
You froze before giving a small nod into your pillow.

Ticci Toby

You two were racing up and down abandoned alleyways that Toby knew noone went into anymore.
You were in the lead, Toy was right at your heels. Literally.
You were about to win when you tripped over Toby's feet and you both stubled down to the hard ground.
You were both in laughing fits until you both realized you were alone. In the dark.
With your boyfriend hovering over you.
Before you could respond, he pulled his mask down and his tongue was dancing with yours.

The Rake

You woke up to hear tapping on your window.
You went and slid it open, smiling when your eyes landed on your human-at-the-moment boyfriend.
"Hiya angel!" He gave a big sharp-toothy grin that always made you giggle.
"Why are you here so late?"
"Cause your parents aren't home."
"Soooo...I wanted to tell you how much I love you without the stress of getting caught!" He chuckled. "Oh~Okay." You smiled .                                                                                                                         

 "But then I realized I can't." Your smile quickly faded and your eyes narrowed at him.

"So I'll just show you~" Before you could respond, he climbed through your window and landed on you before planting a soft, sweet kiss on your lips and finding his way through the darkness.


I am so sorry its fucked up at the bottom but Quotev (where I originally write my scenarios) is being a dick. Pardon my language but...


Thank you that will be all..

~Even monsters can love. But Quotev cant apparently.~           

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