Chapter One

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Saturday, October 1st, 2011

So I guess my mom got me this diary to help me deal with my feelings or whatever. She was all, 'You won't talk to me or your father about what's going on, maybe you'll be able to talk to this.'

                Except that if I was talking to it, then I should probably be seeing a psychiatrist.

                Whatever. As if it was news to me when they sat me down a couple of weeks ago to tell me they were getting a divorce. It's not like I hadn't seen it coming, they fight all the time. And I know I should be getting all angsty and moody and my grades should be suffering (like they could get any worse) but to be honest I think I'm taking it pretty well. There was an initial few moments of sadness that my family unit was officially falling apart, that jolt of shock that everything was going to change, but then I just shrugged and got on with my life.

                Gary (that's my boyfriend) hasn't said much, but I know he's not happy. He's the kind of guy who strives for absolute perfection and dating a guy who's now coming from a broken home isn't exactly perfect. He pretty much can't say anything though, because that would be insensitive, and insensitivity isn't perfect either.

                My best friend Andie (I know, shocker, the gay guy has a female best friend, alert the media) seems to be feeling it quite openly for all three of us though. She cried when I told her, she refuses to speak to either of my parents, and has actually stopped eating her school lunches (though I do still catch her taking a shot of Nerds at least once every class). It's like she's my sister and they're her parents too, or something.

                Whatever. I'm not going to get too upset about the whole thing. Though I might pretend to, just to get extra good birthday presents next month.


Dad just came by to pick up the last of his stuff. I do feel a little lonely now.

                Might invite Andie and Gary over.


Ooh. A lorry just pulled up in front of the house next door to mine. It looks like a moving truck.


It is a moving truck! Somebody is finally moving in next door!


And they have a foosball table!!


Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Gary couldn't come over yesterday because he was teaching some kid piano (or was it violin?) but Andie was here when that moving truck turned up and we hid in my room (which has a panoramic window that stretches across two walls, meaning we could see both the front yard and the side of their house perfectly) and watched all the action unfold.

                Having never actually moved (though I suppose I'll have to move at least some of my stuff to Dad's new place at some point) I was unprepared for the sheer dullness of unpacking, though, as noted, I did get excited when I saw the foosball table.

                Andie was all, 'Let's go over and introduce ourselves,' and I was like, 'To who? Only the moving guys are here yet.' That made her pout and sulk until I offered to get her an ice-cream from the freezer, and when I got back I'd missed the most exciting part. She had her nose pressed up against the window and was squealing quietly, so I dropped the ice-cream on my desk and joined her, but I couldn't see anything.

                'They just got here,' she whispered, like they could hear her through the double-plated glass, and I noticed that there was indeed a new vehicle on the street; a blue car. (I'm one of those people who, when you ask "what kind of car is it?", responds with the colour.) 'I saw two adults and two kids. There's a boy and a girl,' she reported breathlessly, 'and oh my god Alex, the boy. The boy. He is the single most gorgeous creature I have ever clapped eyes on in my whole life.'

                Except that Andie, like me, is only sixteen, so that's not even very long.

                'One of us will have to go out with him, or at least kiss him, because it would be a crime against the fates that brought him here not to.' Andie likes to conveniently forget that I have a boyfriend because she hates Gary.

                'Go for it,' I told her easily, sure that whatever Adonis had moved in next door couldn't measure up to my perfect boyfriend. The words were barely out of my mouth though when he reappeared through the front door and walked over to the moving truck, and started rummaging around inside it, looking for something.

                It was like I'd been punched in the stomach. All the air flew out of my lungs; that's how good-looking he was. From my vantage point I could see his unruly mop of dirty-blonde hair, obviously uncombed, his flawless bone structure (I think I could probably slit my wrists on his cheekbones, were I so inclined), his toned arms, and, I'm a little ashamed to say, his butt, which was waving about a little as he looked for whatever it was he was looking for.

                'Mother of god and all his divine angels,' Andie breathed beside me. 'He got better looking.'

                At that exact moment, almost as if he'd heard her, the beautiful boy on the ground turned his piercing gaze in our direction, and zeroed right in on us. I gulped as Andie threw herself to the floor – which did no good, seeing as it's a panoramic window and stretches from the ceiling to the floor – and the boy paused for a moment before grinning broadly and waving. I got my bearings and waved back, but couldn't manage to smile in response, I was still so shocked.

                Having finally found what he was looking for, the boy turned and disappeared back into the house, and Andie and I glanced at each other, expressionless.

                'Dibs,' Andie snapped after a few seconds and, even though I have Gary, I was still a little disappointed.


Oh. Look at that. We've apparently invited the new family around for dinner.

                Whatever. That's fine. I can handle dinner with a god.


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